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Christian Horner portraits Perez’s experience is quite “dynamic” for the Red Bull team

Sergio Perez in Red Bull

Sergio Perez has replaced Alexander Albon and has taken his position for the Formula 1 season 2021. Perez is partnered with Max Verstappen for the season, and that is a huge challenge for Checo. He knows that his teammate is quick in the track and hence, Sergio has already started to get accustomed to the process of work in Red Bull.

Getting to know the cockpit better

Perez has been talking to the engineers since he arrived in Red Bull, they discussed all the features of the cars for hours. Adjusting to a new space along with a new car is quite arduous but Sergio has learned about each and everything fast. He has explored the new cockpit, the chassis, and switches to adjust accordingly and adapt quickly to the new environment. Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez on February 24th, 2021 along with Verstappen has taken the first test drive in the RB16B at the Silverstone circuit. For Sergio, it was a quite thrilling and stirring affair as this was his first run in a Red Bull car. He shares the experience with the car to be positive, acknowledging the potential of the RB16B, convinced that it will work wonders if handled properly.

The RB16B

The RB16B

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A new challenge with the new teammate

During an interview with Sky Sports F1, Red Bull boss Christian Horner said that “I’ve known Sergio a long time, he’s always had this trait of being gentle on the tires and very, very strong in race conditions.”

“He’s been familiarizing himself with one of the older cars to get himself back up to speed and learn some of our procedures and the way that we operate.”

“Max is a tough customer to have as a team-mate, but we want both drivers up there and need both of them up there.”

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This season, the Red Bull team boss will strive to give Mercedes a tough competition, as he believes that the new partnership of Sergio and Max will be beneficial for the team and, the race will be thrilling for the fans.


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