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Christian Horner Pinches Toto Wolff Saying “He is More focused on Red Bull’s ‘Rear Wing’ Than Next Year”

Horner also writes off all the comments and statements by Mercedes boss Wolff on Red Bull's growing stature in F1

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing team boss has talked about their arch rival Mercedes and their team principal Toto Wolff and driver Lewis Hamilton. The British international seemed unimpressed with involvement of Toto and Mercedes in Red Bull affairs.

Being the title contenders both in constructors and in drivers Championship, Red Bull and Mercedes have been sharing some bitter rivalry since the start of the season. The battle does not seem to have ended on track bread also have going off the track for the last few weeks and Red Bulls bendy real wing is the latest cause of the conflict.

Horner, in an interview with Sky Sports F1, conveyed on this regard, “I think Toto’s more focused on our rear wing than he is on next year. I don’t know what’s going on in their business but Toto knows what’s going on in everyone’s business. I would be surprised [if it’s true] because the rate of development is still quite intense so we’ll see. We’ve only done four races.”

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton have complained against Red Bull’s RB16B and it’s bhindi rearing after the completion of Spanish Grand Prix. The Mercedes heavyweights took the complaint to fir a and ask them to prohibit Red Bull of using the “bendy” rear wing.

Lewis Hamilton looks forward to a stern challenge from team Red Bull in the Portuguese grand Prix next month

Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton sharing a moment together. (Image Credits : Getty Images)

Wolff had to say that bendy rear wings give Red Bull cars advantage over the straight line. RB16B, being a high rake car that already has an edge over the low rake W12 cars that Mercedes runs, the addition to bendy rear wings has further put Mercedes into disadvantage, the 47-year-old Austrian believes.

Formula One is to undergo massive changes next season and that is probably what Horner was trying to talk about. However, the FIA took note of the complain and has put on a verdict that no actions will be taken before Baku Grand Prix in June.

The German giants boss further stated on this, “It is incomprehensible that within four weeks you can’t stiffen up a rear wing for the track that is probably most affected by a flexible rear wing”


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