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Charles Leclerc Stays Serious about “Position” Against Sebastian Vettel Despite being a Crazy Follower

Sebastian Vettel stands as an idol for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. Still, the latter is adamant on keeping the rivalry intact on the grid

Sebastian Vettel partnered with Charles Leclerc during his stint with Scuderia Ferrari. While racing together for around two years, both the drivers have established a good rapport.

Being the more experienced one from the duo, Vettel has helped Leclerc to evolve as a driver over time.  Yet, when it’s about to their on-grid rivalry, the latter talks of confronting his mentor with every bit of skill and effort.

“I realized that the importance he gave to some details, in the end, made a big difference on the track. It was very interesting for me to evaluate this. Then Seb is a very good person, who has always struck me for being so straightforward. Still, if Seb passes by me during a race, then I will immediately try to take my position back. I don’t think I will have any other thoughts in my mind at that moment.”, Leclerc said.

Despite their on-grid rivalry, Leclerc is all praise for his former Ferrari teammate’s intelligent approach towards the sport.

“Starting with his experience, in certain situations he had great analytical skills, and I think I learned a lot from Seb in this respect”, Leclerc added.

Vettel is currently driving for Aston martin for the 2021 season. Leclerc, on the other side, is under contract with Scuderia Ferrari for the next five years.

Leclerc affirms that Sebastian Vettel possesses some unmatched talent and skills

Leclerc confirms that the talent and skillset possessed by Sebastian Vettel is unmatched

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With a five-year contract in place, Leclerc is currently eying to make his mark at Scuderia Ferrari. Besides, he is looking forward to building a strong team along with his young and skillful teammate Carlos Sainz Jr. That said, he still needs to cover a long way to match the talent and approach of someone like Sebastian Vettel.

The Monaco native himself is a big fan of  Vettel’s astounding analytical skills. That said, he is still getting familiar with all the big strategies and analytics involved in the sport. So, at least for some good time, it is hard for him to come on par with Vettel’s brilliance.

Nevertheless, the Ferrari driver is up and ready for any challenge in similar regards. As per him, he is putting one step at a time without rushing about things. “You must have patience, and it is a gift that I developed along the way,” he said. “Years ago in fact I did not have it, or I had little.

Leclerc is also working on his mental strength to pose some challenges in front of his former Ferrari teammate. He is simply learning to stay calm and patient during any crisis situation on race day, something that will help him to get matured as a driver.

“When you get a delay caused by technical reasons, we know that in Formula 1 it takes time to be able to reset it. So during this time you have to be as calm as possible, also because getting angry and impatient is not constructive”.

“I think I’ve matured from this point of view. But obviously, I can’t wait to get back to winning races. The goal of a driver is always the same.”, he further added.

Both Vettel and Leclerc will have a chance to outscore each other at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix later this month. No matter how this rivalry unfolds, we will keep you informed and updated about every single development.

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