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Bahrain test is the “Shortest Preseason” Sergio Perez has ever done in his career

Sergio Perez claims the Bahrain test as the Shortest Preseason in his career

Sergio Perez has had a thriving test weekend with Red Bull Racing. Besides putting in a lot of miles, he adapted a bit to the conditions here in the Middle East before the race day. Still, as per him, this came as the shortest pre-season of his entire F1 career.

I think there is a lot to analyze these days, it has been the shortest preseason of my career, but it is also a disadvantage for all the pilots who are changing teams and an advantage for all those who remain,” said Pérez while speaking to famous sports daily.

“How much you have so much to learn, with a day and a half in the car if you take into account all the changes we make in terms of aerodynamics, we actually do few performance laps. So we have to be patient in the first races ”, he further added.

Sergio Pérez clocked his best time of the morning session during the preseason on Sunday morning. Besides, this came as a big improvement on his time clocked on Saturday.

Despite grabbing the best time during the morning session, Perez wishes to stay calm and composed before the big day in Bahrain. He simply doesn’t want to create any unreasonable expectations as he believes that one and a half days with the new car is just not enough.

Perez affirms that he needs more time to adapt to the new car

While many team leaders and drivers have raised objections about the three days pre-season system, others have called it ‘reasonable’ due to the given pandemic situation. Perez, on the other hand, calls it a big challenge for every team and driver. That said, he still needs more time ( around four to five races)to adapt to the new Red bull car.

It’s hard to think – after five races, once we go through very different races, different conditions, you understand the car, the team, a lot better,” Perez said. “Five races, proper races, should be good.

I’ve driven in very difficult conditions with the wind around Bahrain,” Perez said. “I’m pleased with where the car is, I think there is definitely good potential in it.”

There’s obviously good areas to focus on, to try to improve them. But the overall picture, it’s a positive one.

We must mention here that Red Bull didn’t go well with the initial version of the RB16 in 2020. Besides proving skittish on-track, the car appeared threatening to the overall safety of the drivers. Hence, taking some big lessons from 2020, Red bull has made some key changes to the design and engine of the new car for the 2021 season.

Verstappen, Perez’s teammate at Red bull, also came up with good feedback for the new car. The car, according to him, was “predictable”.

I can say I think there is a lot of potentials,” said the Mexican.”The conditions were not great but it was nice to get a feeling for the car.”It’s pretty exciting. Earlier this week I drove the RB15 but today I could feel a step in overall grip and top speed.

The pre-season testing session has done Red Bull a ‘world of good ‘in lots of aspects. Besides making the drivers adapt to the new engine, they have successfully procured all the data and information to help them prepare for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

With Bahrain Grand Prix flagging off next weekend, both the team and drivers have to stay up and ready in every sort.

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