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“28 seconds I was in the flame”- Grosjean memorizes his horrible accident that took place in Bahrain grand prix

Romain Grosjean

On November 29th, 2020 during the Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean’s car slide down during the first lap. The Haas car got crashed and after hitting a barrier the car splits into two half and exploded into fire. Luckily, the Swiss driver managed to get away from the accident with fewer burns, after being stuck inside the car for 10-15 seconds.

Taking a step 

The 34-years-old without wasting a minute to panic there quickly jumped out of the blazing car. In the meantime, all of the members of his team reached to the sight to help him. With the help of 2 medics, he walked to the helicopter which takes him to the military hospital.

As the video and images of the French driver climbing over the barrier from the burning car went viral, all the team members and drivers stood and applauded for his bravery.

Remembering the past

During an interview with CNN, Grosjean recollects his accident which happened in 2020 as he remarked, “Twenty-eight seconds I was in the flames if you look if you ask me how long it was, I would have said a minute … minute-and-a-half.”

“I remember everything about it, every single detail — from the moment I started undoing my seat belt, to the moment I realized I was stuck in the car thinking it was okay, they [race safety staff] would come and help me to jump out, then realizing there’s fire,”

“But then that’s where I thought about my kids and that I couldn’t leave three kids without a dad,

“I realized after a few attempts of jumping out that I was completely stuck and thinking that I’m going to burn here. I asked myself: where is it going to start? By the foot? the hands? or by the head? Is it going to be painful or not?”, said Grosjean to CNN.

Romain Grosjean during his recovery in the hospital

Romain Grosjean during his recovery in the hospital

The support and love

Though he is still battling with the injuries and pain he got from the accident, he is looking forward to getting behind the wheels. Starting by competing in IndyCar. After the tragic incident, Romains’s only motive now is to prepare himself for new things, new people, and new opportunities.

During the period of recovery, he received support from his family, friends, people in the streets everyone.

“I don’t feel like a superhero, I feel like a dad that has done what he had to do to go and see his kids,”

“That was really the target when I was in the fire, it was jumping out to go and see my kids. They were the energy that I had.” said the French Formula 1 driver.

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