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Even after Super Bowl defeat, Patrick Mahomes prevails as the face of NFL

Kansas City Chiefs succumbed to an embarrassing 31-9 defeat at the hands of Tom Brady, led by Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, such is the charisma of Patrick Mahomes that even the commentators were expecting a late charge from him in the fourth quarter. The comeback could not happen because of a tidy defensive effort by the Buccaneers.

The 25-year-old’s hapless face was displayed on the screen many times in the last quarter. The Buccaneers’ unrelenting rush did not let Mahomes get in his groove. But even while backpedaling, he kept on flinging unbelievable throws that nobody could see coming.

Tom Brady might have snapped another win from the jaws of time, but Patrick Mahomes is going to remain the superstar QB of recent times. The NFL will not give up on Mahomes just because he lost one Super Bowl. This setback only makes him seem more human, and the marketers will look to capitalize on that.

Super Bowl LV

Tom Brady’s perfect outing left the Kansas City Chiefs with no answers. The merciless brush of the Buccaneers’ defense suffocated the one person who could turn the game on its head, Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs did not have any touchdowns in the game and finished within single digits for the first time since Mahomes has initiated.

Lombardi trophy

Tom Brady with the coveted Lombardi trophy after winning the Super Bowl

The Buccaneers’ offense well guarded Brady and had ample time to find runners. He and Rob Gronkowski paired twice for two touchdowns. Fournette ran a 27-yard touchdown in the third quarter, which widened the gap beyond the reach of the Chiefs.

On the other hand, Mahomes was always taking steps back because of the rush. He was struggling to find his runners and did not have enough time to set himself. Mike Remmers and Andrew Wylie were left overwhelmed along the perimeter and it made things even harder for the Chiefs. Ultimately, they could not cut down the deficit even after numerous tries. Assumably, Tampa Bay Buccaneers were just too good for them.

Patrick Mahomes: The “Billion-Dollar Baby” for NFL

We all know that Tom Brady is the greatest QB to grace the game with seven championship rings. Nevertheless, Patrick Mahomes appeals to the dynamic which entails the fans who are not used to tuning into a telecast. Any individual who turns to social media to get his NFL information would much rather see Mahomes endorsing a brand rather than see Brady do it.

Patrick Mahomes has brought the NFL a lot of social media attention

Patrick Mahomes has been bringing a lot of revenue for the NFL through social media

The up-and-coming generation of NFL enthusiasts can relate to Mahomes because he is nearly the same age, thus the NFL knows and acknowledges this fact.

While he was negotiating the biggest deal American Sports has ever seen, Mahomes offered to use his voice to tackle racism in the NFL in the wake of the whole “Black Lives Matter” movement.

This led to Patrick Mahomes participating in the video posted by the NFL urging people to do more. “As one of the most important people in the NFL right now, I thought ending specifically on Pat saying, ‘Black Lives Matter’ … was easily the most compelling way to do it,” said Bryndon Minter, the NFL employee behind the video.

Patrick Mahomes is only 25 and has many years to win innumerable Super Bowl and MVP awards. And as long as he plays, he will continue to be a role model for young aficionados of the NFL. In doing so, he might get jolted by a few setbacks, but the players who already have their names etched on sporting history will always try to improve themselves.


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