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European Cup Qualifying Match Results 2020

European Cup Qualifying Match Results 2020

Match results


Big teams like Portugal, England and France managed to reap positive results when diving qualifying for the 2020 European Cup. Cristiano Ronaldo even became a Portuguese star after scoring four goals against Lithuania.

Compete at Vetra Stadium on Wednesday (11/09/2019) in the early hours of the morning, Ronaldo Cs managed to master the game. Status as a guest team did not make Portugal lose direction of attack. Even the seven minutes of the match lasted Ronaldo could register his name on the scoreboard thanks to a penalty.


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The other three goals were suggested by the Juventus players in minutes 62, 65 and 76. Whereas a Lithuanian consolation goal was made by Vytautas Andriuskevicius in the 28th minute. Unfortunately, these three additional numbers did not make Portugal top the standings that Ukraine currently occupies with 13 points.

While in other matches, the British who host Kosovo in St. Mary’s Stadium, Southampton, managed to reap the perfect results. But coach Gareth Southagte was not satisfied after seeing their back line easily penetrated by opponents. Evidently they conceded first in the first minute.

Here are the complete results of the 2020 European Cup qualifying matches:

Group A
England vs Kosovo 5-3
Montenegro vs Rep. Czech 0-3

Group B
Lithuania vs Portugal 1-5
Luxembourg vs Serbia 1-3

Group H
Albania vs Iceland 4-2
France vs Andora 3-0
Moldova vs Turkey 0-4


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