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Dwyane Wade Backing Up Draymond saying ” I Loved It Because It’s Real, I Think Organizations Get a Pass”

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade was one of the best players of our generation. During his career, he added numerous jewels to his crown and deserved all the praise. Even after retiring from the league, Wade has been connected with the sport he loves as a part-time analyst.

Speaking of Wade being an analyst, he recently sat down for an interview with TNT. In the interview, Wade discussed Draymond Green’s comments on double standards by the NBA. Green called out the league after the Cleveland Cavaliers sidelined Andre Drummond until they trade him.

Draymond’s point was that the players are fined for even a minor violation. While the teams can do as they please. Honestly, Green was absolutely correct in this regard.

Dwyane Wade supports Draymond Green for his comments about NBA teams

Dwyane Wade

This is what Wade said in the interview with the NBA on TNT:

” I loved it because it’s real, I think organizations get a pass. … I definitely agree it’s a double standard when it comes to ownership or organizations and players, I know a lot of people out there that are like, ‘Oh, you guys are getting paid lots of money.

“It doesn’t matter.’ But it does, because a lot of players in the league have families… Some players are sometimes told, ‘Hey, you are not getting traded’, then they get traded. Some players have to find out by the media… What it boils down to me is there’s no communication and there’s no respect.”

As Wade mentioned, organizations can do anything to their liking. But when a player tries to decide his future, the league tends to interject in the decision. Hopefully, this point won’t get buried under other agendas for the league.

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What are your thoughts on the comments of Green and Dwyane Wade? Let us know your views in the comments section down below.

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