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“Drop the Gun!” Police Officer Leaks Shootout Moments with Anthony Alvarez Over the Racism Movement

The Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability on Wednesday released the body camera video of the fatal police shooting of 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez in March.

In the footage, Alvarez runs around a corner, while two officers chase him. Seconds later, an officer runs around the same corner and is yelling, “Drop the gun! Drop the gun!.” The officer then fires his weapon five times at Alvarez, and Alvarez can be seen on video dropping what appears to be a gun.

Activists came in support of Alvarez’s family on Saturday afternoon. Together they undertook a march around the Portage Park neighborhood. Their demand was for the officer to face the law and pay for his crimes.

Family and organizers pose for a photo at Portage Park, where the May 1, 2021 march started and ended.

Family and organizers pose for a photo at Portage Park, where the May 1, 2021 march started and ended. (Credit – Block Club Chicago)

In response to their demands, police released the cam footage of the shooting and made it public. Less than two weeks after officials released footage of the fatal Chicago police shooting of Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old boy. Adam’s shooting, which resulted in his death also happened in a similar way following a foot chase days before the death of Anthony Alvarez. In two extremely graphic videos, a pair of officers are in a foot pursuit of Alvarez.

David Brown, the Chicago Police Superintendent in a news conference informed us about the decision made against the officer. He said the officer is on administrative leave for 30 days. Brown also said that Alvarez was armed with a gun.

The independent agency investigating the deadly use of force, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, isn’t commenting on Solano’s history. But, in a rare recommendation. They are asking Chicago police officials to strip Solano of his police powers during the course of the investigation.

Although the COPD is yet to reveal why the officers approached Alvarez in the first place. Several sources point to a minor traffic offense.


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