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Drew McIntyre Defeats Goldberg on Royal Rumble 2021

Drew MnIntyre

In the opening match of the 2021 WWE Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre dominated Goldberg in a match based on respect. Regarding his defeat in a rapid opening match, Goldberg was humble in defeat and praised the WWE champion before he returned backstage.

Drew McIntyre was the best-prepared kid face in all of WWE. However, nothing exceeds the impact of nostalgia in WWE and pro wrestling.

At a time when three of 1985’s four original Horsemen, namely Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard were all characters between WWE and AEW. Goldberg’s challenge to Drew McIntyre had a strong chance of losing McIntyre’s second championship to a Champion of over 40.

In the big event of Hell in a cell, Randy Orton destroyed Drew McIntyre to claim the World Championship on his 3rd pay-per-view event.

Audience’s Opinion on Goldberg: Royal Rumble 2021

Goldberg’s comeback manipulated the oppression complex among all the wrestling fans so much that he soon became a feared candidate to take it all.

The new Royal Rumble bets showed Goldberg sitting well outside the Top Five. An ambiguous report by WrestleVotes indicating that WWE was contemplating a terrifying option to win the Royal Rumble was all the fans wanted to intensify the excitement that Goldberg would win.

As seems to be the case with almost anything that has become popular in wrestling. A lot of the hardcore followers of WWE’s Goldberg have done something about it. Last evening’s WWE Backstage Royal Rumble Special, Paige caught the voice of WWE’s rightly frustrated if not obligated as she reveals she does not believe Goldberg should be in the World Championship title match at the Royal Rumble event.

On the Contrary

With the Royal Rumble event expected to take place following the defeat of Goldberg to McIntyre. This scenario could still be played if Goldberg was announced as a mystery, or even as its winner. The subsequent reaction might give way to a poor start to the WrestleMania event.


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