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Drew Brees Lifted Saints From a ‘Barren Franchise’ to a ‘Winning Organisation’- Adam Schefter

Drew Brees

Since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl LV in February, the NFL offseason has been in full swing. Players are enjoying their time away from the field and away from the limelight.

However, all the collegiate players are bubbling with excitement over their potential drafting into NFL sides. Names like Mac Jones and Kyle Pitts have already become crowd favorites because of the performances they have put in for their alma-mater.

New Orleans Saints’ veteran quarterback Drew Brees announced his retirement from the sport on Sunday. He spent 20 years in the NFL and 15 years with the Saints. His accuracy with the throws and sheer tenacity has inspired the next generation of upcoming quarterbacks.

Schefter analyzes how Drew Brees transformed the Saints

TV analyst Adam Schefter spoke to ESPN about the departure of Brees. When asked about whether this retirement was in the works, he replied, “I think this was going to be the decision all along. I think that he never really wavered. The Saints expected this. There was no thought given to the idea that he could be back.”

He continued, Brees announced this decision on the 15-year anniversary of when he first landed in New Orleans. He went to that franchise at a time when nobody was wanted to go there. New Orleans had just gone through Hurricane Katrina. It was a barren franchise, it was losing, it was not a destination. Drew Brees turned it into one of the winning franchises of football.”

Now that Brees is out of the picture, The spot of lead quarterback in the team remains empty. Critics are of the opinion that Jameis Winston will be the one taking Brees’ place in the future.

The new NFL season commences from 9th September in the fall. Super Bowl LVI will be played in the newly constructed SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California. Home to the Los Angeles Rams.


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