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“Don’t Think That You Can Beat Me in Tennis” Jimmy Butler to His Former Teammate Dwyane Wade

Jimmy Butler

Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler proved he is a top player in the league last season. Subsequently, most of the league did not expect the Heat to even come out of the second round. They went on till the NBA Finals and gave the Lakers a run for their money.

In fact, Miami’s grit and grind team pushed the Lakers to six games! All thanks to an amazing effort from their leader and superstar, Jimmy Butler. However, this season the story has not been the same for the organization.

Early on, they have struggled to be consistent, courtesy of a plethora of injury troubles. Now they are finally looking better and can make a push for the playoffs in the second half of the season.

Jimmy Butler trolls his former teammate Dwyane Wade

Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade

While on the court, Jimmy is one of the hardest workers in the entire league. However, he is a fun and chill guy off the court. In an interview with the NBA on TNT crew, Butler made an appearance, where he joked around with his former teammate Dwyane Wade. Butler said:

“Don’t think that you can beat me in tennis, just don’t do it”

When Wade asked what’s the reason Jimmy thinks that, he replied:

Because I wasn’t good at football, definitely good at soccer, So I’m playing percentage, I’m thinking one of these sports got to be decent.”

Butler is a fantastic competitor, and we have already seen he can go to any length to improve at a sport. So maybe one day, when Jimmy bids adieu to the game of basketball, we will see him dominate in the minor league of any other sport.

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What are your thoughts on Butler’s comments? Do you think he can beat Dwyane Wade at tennis? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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