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Done deal or a Possible exit ? How Verstappen clause stays crucial to Lewis Hamilton’s stint at Mercedes !

Lewis Hamilton

We all have heard about the speculations surrounding a potential agreement between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton over the ‘Verstappen clause’. While many quotes it as a ‘done deal’, the official confirmation is yet to come. 

We also know that Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is quite adamant about bringing Max Verstappen to Brackley. So we cannot call it ‘Done’ until it is done.

What is the Verstappen clause?

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen

Reportedly, it stays as one clause in Mercedes and Hamilton’s agreement. If agreed, Hamilton will have a ‘big’ say in selecting his team’s partner till the end of his contract. On the other side, Verstappen stands as the most talented driver in the F1 circuit.

So, his possible entry into the dominant team of the F1 realm is a significant threat to Hamilton’s career. Hence, the British driver is ‘playing safe’ while negotiating with Mercedes.

Hamilton is scared of Verstappen: Tom Coronel

Adding more fuel to the fire, former F1 star Tom coronel has accused Hamilton of being afraid of Verstappen. According to a Twitter message, coronel said, “Lewis is only afraid of Verstappen. He is the only driver who frightens him. Max is the only one who can dethrone him, and Lewis is well aware of that.’’

 “Lewis is only afraid of Verstappen. He is the only driver who frightens him. Max is the only one who can dethrone him, and Lewis is well aware of that. Of course, we say that Max will dethrone him, but that has not happened yet. Max is in Lewis’s head, and that is dangerous for a driver. Now has it.”, he further added.

Coronel went an extra mile with his allegations on Hamilton. According to him, “He has the advantage of the best car, but you don’t have that in one team. Lewis knows he will be defeated by Max, that he will eventually dethrone him

Verstappen vs Hamilton – Head to head comparison.

Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

Max Verstappen vs Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton made his debut in 2007 and currently stands as one of the ‘Best F1 drivers ‘ of all time. Over the past 13 years of his celebrated carer, he has claimed a record 94 wins under his name. He has recently smashed the decade-old record of ‘most wins’ held by another F1 legend, Michael Schuhmacher.

On the other side, Max Verstappen kick-started his F1 career in 2015. He just had 10 wins under his belt and got to achieve a lot more to stand on par with Hamilton’s legacy. Still, given his exceptional talent and skill set, many are quoting Verstappen as the ‘next best thing in the F1’ for years to come.

Expert’s verdict

While Verstappen poses a certain threat to Hamilton’s supremacy in F1, we cannot quote him as ‘scared’. Additionally, Hamilton did claim some convincing victories against Verstappen recently. So, in no case, we can call him ‘afraid or scared’ of the 25-year-old Belgian-Dutch driver.

Still, the youngster stands as the most promising candidate for confronting his supremacy in the coming times. Well, that could be the biggest reason Hamilton is hesitant in partnering with this talented driver at Mercedes.

No matter which way this deal goes, Hamilton looks certain about his 8th world championship. So, it is up to Max Verstappen to match all the high expectations in the 2021 season. Nevertheless, the F1 fans are up for a treat in the coming times. 



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