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Djokovic No.1 Ranking ATP vs Nadal No.1 ATP Race To London

Djokovic No.1 Ranking ATP vs Nadal No.1 ATP Race To London

Djokovic No.1 Ranking ATP vs Nadal No.1 ATP Race To London / ATP


ATP Rankings vs ATP Race To London. What is the difference? Who is leading the ATP and ATP Rank Race to London until the end of this season? It’s time for the world tennis public to focus on who will qualify for the 2019 ATP Finals. Only this season, eight singles and doubles will fight in the biggest closed tennis stadium, The O2, London, England from 10-17 November.


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Certainty who will appear in the ATP Final will be seen from the last position of the Top 8 Race To London that is known on 4 November. The Race To London ATP count is different from the world ranking in ATP Rankings.

Race To London points is calculated from the most points collected in 18 selected ATP tournaments in 52 weeks in each season. While the ATP rank is calculated from the points earned by each player in all the tournaments he has participated in since the start of last season.


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Every player who wins a prestigious tournament like ATP Masters 1000 will get an additional 1000 points. Likewise, when players win the ATP 500 and 250 trophies they will get 500 and 250 points according to their level. For players who are not champions will be calculated according to how far they go.

In the ATP Ranking, Novak Djokovic became world number 1, but for Race To London points, he was number 2. Conversely, Rafael Nadal mastered Race To London, but he ranked world number 2. Nadal became the King of Race To London because he often won, which earned him the most extra points.



Djokovic became the King of ATP Ranking with a value of 9865 from the 16 tournaments that followed. While Nadal is only 640 points adrift of Djokovic in second place with a value of 9225 points from 16 tournaments. Nadal led Race To London by collecting 9225 points from the 13 tournaments he participated in. Value collected Nadal far adrift of Djokovic who is in second place with a value of 7265 from 12 tournaments.

However, with the remaining 5 tournaments included in the Race To London count until the points collection deadline on November 4, that position can change. The players who enter the Top 10 will endeavor to add points in the remaining five tournaments to enter the Top 8 at the end of the season.

This year, Nadal has collected two Grand Slam titles and two ATP Masters 1000 trophies. Nadal has collected 54 major titles obtained from 19 Grand Slams and 35 ATP Masters. But he was not lucky to be the ATP Final Champion.

As of September, only four players have been confirmed to appear at the ATP Final. Namely, Djokovic, Nadal, Roger Federer, and Daniil Medvedev. Whereas in the doubles, the new US Open champion, Juan Sebastian Cabal / Robert Farah from Colombia is certain to act in The O2.


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