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“Disrespect will not Be Tolerated” Tyron Woodley Hints To Avenge Jake Paul’s Domination on Ben Askren

Tyron Woodley fights against Stephen Thompson during UFC 205.

Jake Paul had no shortage of opponents while he was a Youtuber. Now that he has defeated Ben Askren, the list of opponents seems to keep growing, and now Tyron Woodley is on it. During the Triller Fight Club Main Event, Jake made short work of Ben as he secured the victory in under 2 minutes. The fight received a lot of attention as Askren is a former Bellator and ONE champion.

Moreover, ‘Funky’ has also managed to defeat the MMA legend, Robbie Lawler. So when he missed the mark against Paul, various legendary MMA fighters went on social media to challenge the social media superstar.

Tyron Woodley is feels vexed after Paul leaked his phone number

Tyron Woodley was angry after Paul leaked his phone number into one of his videos. Woodley said he would “slap” Jake Paul for his blunder. (Credits – Getty Images)

First to challenge Jake was Tyron Woodley, a close friend of Askren, who was in the corner when Paul landed the punch and the win. Woodley reacted to a reckless tweet from Paul, threatening to take him out if they at any point met in the ring. He tweeted, “Enjoy saying you are a fighter for another day. Try that shit against me I’m catching a body @jakepaul. And you mob with hoes. I wouldn’t walk into a pillow fight with them.”

Tyron took to Instagram to diss Jake and make sure that he is not welcome in the MMA community. Woodley shared a video of himself training. He captioned it, “This my dog I love (and believe he had many moments). Imagine this internet scrub @jakepaul. It’s blood, not sweat! And keep your hoes in check. Disrespect will not be tolerated. Reals ones been hitting my line all day asking how we should handle this business.”


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The stage is set for Jake Paul to take the MMA community by a storm, but with so many obstacles in the way, climbing to the top won’t be easy. As Dillion Danis, Daniel Cormier, and Tyron Woodley prepare themselves to crush the Youtube sensation and show him what it means to be a fighter.


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