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Diego Maradona Passes Away at the Age of 60

Maradona dead

Maradona is Dead!

Soccer/ Football legend, the one of the greatest footballers, Diego Maradona has died after a cardiorespiratory arrest, while he was left in serious condition.

Earlier this month, Maradona was taken to the hospital for a clot surgery in the brain, which was a successful surgery. But suddenly died today confirmed by Clarin.

ESPN Argentina also confirmed that.

Today should be a dark day for Argentina, as their 1986 World Cup maker Maradona passed away.

However, Maradona’s lifestyle was irregular and had many controversies.

Maradona had played for 21 years, in which he was very successful by crowing the Cup. Before starting professionally, Maradona started the career with Argentinos Juniors, then moved to Boca Junior, later joined with Barcelona. However, he spent two seasons at the Nou Camp and then finally joined the Napoli when recognized as the Legend.

He was popular for the ‘Hand of God’ goal in the 1986 world cup.

On the other hand, while his career was shaping up in Napoli, he became drug-addicted, which results in a 15-month suspension. That is when he started declining. In the last years of his career, Maradona went through so many controversies.


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