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Danny Green Thinks LA Lakers Player LeBron James Might Take Rest For One Month During Next Season

Danny Green

Danny Green appeared on the popular NBA show, The Ringer and he discussed bunch of topics. However, the main takeaway from it was about LeBron and many other taking a break. The Lakers celebrated their victory against the Miami Heat during the NBA Finals of the 2019-20 season.

Now everyone is busy in their preparations for the upcoming regular season of 2020-21. NBA trade rumors are trending right now. However, we are not speaking about who will be dropped from their franchise and join which one. Instead, we are discussing LA Lakers’ “King” LeBron James.

Currently, NBA players are enjoying their offseason. A standard offseason finishes within four months. However, this year’s NBA Finals was delayed by over four months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The season was supposed to finish on April 15, 2020, but had to be stopped on March 11. Authorities permitted to restart of the games on July 30. 

Why Does Danny Green Want a Break?

Now the NBA thinks that they should get next season in December. If that decision persists, two players will have to take a rest of approximately a month to recover from fatigue caused by games. Danny Green and LeBron James from the LA Lakers are those two players. 

Danny Green, 33, is a player Lakers. He thinks that the NBA’s decision to hold the regular season so soon is not good for the Lakers players. It’s not just about the Lakers. Overall all teams have members who are not fit enough to play without ample period for recovery. This hurry may end up many players opting for an extended period to recover at least a month. 

He appeared on The Ringer, an NBA show, where he discussed this topic. He dropped hints towards the possibility of old players may delay their entry into the season. 

What Did Green Say? 

Here is what Danny Green said during the podcast:

“I think most guys if they say we’re starting in December, I think they’re like ‘I’m not going to be there. If I had to guess, because we have many vets on our team, it’s not like we have a bunch of young guys and rookies. We’ll probably have three or four young guys and rookies, say we’re fortunate enough to bring the same team back. We have [Rajon Rondo] who’s in Year 15, Dwight [Howard] who’s in Year 17, [LeBron James] who’s in Year 18. These guys just played a whole season. Bron’s been in the Finals 10 years out of his 17 years, which is unbelievable mentally. It’s straining to do that and to have that quick of a restart. I wouldn’t expect to see him there. I wouldn’t expect to see him probably for the first month of the season. He’ll probably be working out with us, but I don’t expect guys to want to be there or show up willingly.”

 – Green’s interview was transcribed from CBS Sports.

Nothing is officially announced yet, though. Nobody is sure whether Green was serious or just being playful. However, if it happens, it shouldn’t be surprising for fans. LeBron turns 36 in late December. If the team demands him to return to the court so soon, that might seriously affect his performance. How that turns out for the older players is the question of the moment. 

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