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Daniel Ricciardo with McLaren in 2021

F1-Daniel Ricciardo will race for McLaren team from 2021 season

The 30 years old Australian driver might have pulled the last big move of his career. Daniel Ricciardo is going to drive for McLaren in 2021. Renault failed to deliver what they promised. So this move makes sense.


Why Ricciardo joined Renault?

Ricciardo was performing really well for Red Bull. He even left the four-time champion, Sebastian Vettel, behind on track. But despite his all winning, he was only the second driver. So his move to Renault made sense. Both McLaren and Renault reached him, but he went with Renault. Renault showed they are promising and he can achieve which he can’t with Red Bull.

Why did Daniel Ricciardo leave Renault?

Renault wasn’t able to deliver what they promised him. Instead of development, Renaults were moving backward. Whereas the Orange cars were performing really well and showed signs of improvement in the future.

Ricciardo still hoped there are chances that Renault might improve. But his dream was put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This forced the F1 season on hold, and he couldn’t explore more with the team.

Ricciardo’s career effected a lot of times because of Renault. First, when he used to drive for Red Bulls, this French company used to manufacture the power unit. Later on when he drove for Renault’s team. So this move made sense.

Ricciardo driving for Renault

Why McLaren is a better choice?

During his time in Renault, McLarens growth really pulled this Australian racer’s attention. McLaren had once approached Ricciardo in 2018, but he was behind the wheels of Renault. But Renault didn’t give up on Ricciardo.

The switch of the manufacturer for a power unit from Renault to Mercedes is a key factor. The Mercedes has always proven why they are good. After suffering in hands of the French a lot of time. However, with the new Team Principal Andreas Seidi is onboard, which is a proof that McLaren is going to be a powerhouse in the future.


Ricciardo is already 30 years old. He only got 5 more years to prove that whether he can be on track any longer. If he gets the ride that can bring out his potential, then he might also continue to drive after 35. So this can be his last big move.

Seidi’s interested to use his racing qualities and experience to drive. He can be the best replacement for Carlos Sainz Jr, who is off to Ferrari. He’ll be a brilliant partner for Lando Norris.

So we can expect that Ricciardo will get the ride that can support his powers and seen racing for over 5 years. We can already see him enjoying with his new McLaren 756LT and hope he enjoys driving for them on the formal 1 tracks too.

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