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Dana White responds to insulting Corey Anderson

Dana White responds to insulting Corey Anderson

Dana White


Corey Anderson has demanded a fight against Jon Jones for the UFC Semi-Complete World Weight Championship after his victory against Johnny Walker. 

This after the many comments he made against the company, which he accused of not treating him as well as other fighters. What is Dana White’s answer?

“He was very angry this week, with all those conspiracy theories, that if we don’t like it, we do this, we do that. All the time with those crying child theories.



“Saying that if we want him to lose, if we prefer Johnny Walker. It is you who wins and loses. Show us that you deserve it. You showed it tonight, now we know. No one applauded him in the weighings.

I am not saying that I will have a titular opportunity. Dominick Reyes also won impressively. Let’s see what happens. And when your contract ends you can do what you want. Meanwhile, accept the fights we offer you, simple.”


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