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Dana White hits on fans for Disrespectful Statement “Not a Real Deal”

Dana White calls the people as casual viewers and not fans who have no respect for Kamaru Usman

The president of UFC, Dana White, has eyes on the fans who disrespect Kamaru Usman and calls them ‘casuals’. “The Nigerian Nightmare” successfully defended the welterweight title for the third time and now owns the longest win streak in the division’s history.

The 33-year-old fighter has shattered Georges St-Pierre’s win record post defeating his former teammate UFC 258. Also, the fighter has 13 consecutive fights at 170 pounds, continuing his dominant run in the welterweight division.

White knows Usman’s quality and performance

White says if someone knows about the sport but is unimpressed by Usman, the fan lacks knowledge. He further tags them as “casual” enthusiasts of the sporting realm. Moreover, those who are the “real” fans of the sport and not casual viewers will show respect to Kamaru Usman as a competitor.

Being founded in 1993, UFC is one of the most dangerous sports. The Nigerian-American professional mixed martial artist has successfully defeated five out of the top 10 fighters in the division. Usman’s caliber often gets overlooked. Besides, even after the fighter’s incredible consecutive wins, some fans are still not convinced.

Dana Calls people having no respect for Usman as Casual viewers

‘For anybody to say that Usman’s not (the real deal), you don’t know anything about fighting’- Dana White at the UFC 258 press conference.

The UFC Chief was unsure about Usman as a competitive contender for the division. But, post winning consistently, defeating Tyron Woodley, Colby Covington, and Jorge Masvidal, Kamaru Usman has shown that he is way more above this UFC welterweight division.

Furthermore, White recalls the Covington fight, says it is one of the greatest he has ever seen. Still not respecting Usman after that fight, that’s your problem, not his. In the future for Usman, it leaves him with almost no competition at the welterweight. Also, the champion calls out Masvidal for a rematch.

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