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Conor McGregor Praises TIDL Sport Recovery Spray

Conor McGregor praises TIDL sports' recovery spray

Even though announcing his retirement in early June 2020, The Notorious Conor McGregor is back in shape. McGregor trained rigorously for the January 23rd Main Event at UFC 257, his fight against Dustin Poirier.

The secret allowing him to perform at the pinnacle of explosion and endurance than ever before is the focus and passion for post-training recovery.

Passionate about his post-training regimen, McGregor has partnered with The Anthos Group to launch a next-generation sports recovery line.

“We could not be more excited about partnering with Conor McGregor as we launch TIDL sport,” said Badal Shah, Chief Executive Officer at The Anthos Group. “He is a seasoned entrepreneur that embodies world-class athleticism and has already provided tremendous input as we plan for a pipeline of next-generation products for the serious athlete and fitness enthusiast.”

Conor McGregor feels relieved

Persistence, Intensity, Dedication, and Lifestyle were the only adjectives McGregor is famous for, another is the latest venture, TIDL Sport.

“I really started focusing on my health,” McGregor said, who has mentioned earlier that being inspired by LeBron James and the investment in taking care of his body outside of the gym. “Everyone trains hard and eats right, but what about recovery?” 

The famous personality, The Notorious Conor McGregor, expressed his views and his relationship with pain that made him suffer.

McGregor has partnered with The Anthos Group to launch TIDL Sport. It focuses on plant-based therapy and proven exercise science mechanisms, delivering immediate relief and long-term recovery for athletes.

He expressed the pain he suffered because of the injuries. Further, McGregor said, staying still did not help him. McGregor praised the TIDL sports recovery spray, “This stuff has changed my life and I am not messing here!” he said.

With the reply towards that, TIDL sport said Plant-based therapy + Exercise science. Optical recovery for the best in the world @thenotoriousmma.


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