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Conor McGregor “Cannot Lose This Fight to Dustin Poirier” Stephen a Analyses How Loosing Trilogy Fight Will Effect Connor’s Legacy

Conor McGregor of Ireland poses on the scale during the UFC 257 weigh-in at Etihad Arena on UFC Fight Island on January 22, 2021

Conor McGregor is without a doubt one of the greatest combat athletes in UFC. Over the previous years, Conor has shown such class and skills that it’d be impossible to not be his fan by now. Recently McGregor and Dustin faced each other two times, and Poirier was the winner every time.

Conor blamed the loss due to his inactivity and lack of participation in matches for the past year; after the fight, he announced he would be back, but who knows? 

The carefully planned calf kick by Poirier, followed by left and right jab, perhaps traumatized McGregor. Since his rise to fame in 2014, Conor has made money, fans, and enemies. His net worth has risen to almost a quarter of a billion, allowing him to live like a king, but his enemies are eager to kick him off the throne. 

Back in 2014, these two athletes met for the first time in the ring at UFC 178. McGregor had the first laugh as he thrashed Poirer in 106 seconds that proved to be the starting point in his career. Later on, Connor became the first fighter in UFC history to hold the interim featherweight title and dual-weight champion.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor of Ireland embrace after finishing five rounds in their welterweight bout during the UFC 202 event

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor of Ireland embrace after finishing five rounds in their welterweight bout during the UFC 202 event. (Credit: Getty Images)

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Conor McGregor has his legacy at stake

We all know why McGregor rose to fame and captured the minds of so many enthusiasts. It was partly due to his skills, attitude, and ability to deliver K.O. But if he keeps losing like this, Conor’s legacy would take a massive hit.

Stephen A. Smith said, “If you keep losing what does it say. He cannot lose this fight against Dustin Poirier. You have to find what you had when you were winning all of those fights. If this goes on you will become a sideshow.”

There were doubts whether the trilogy would take place at all because of the Twitter beef. But now Dana White has confirmed the location of this much-awaited fight. The whole world will get to witness is Conor really the champ or is his time over?


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