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Colby Covington confesses when UFC almost fired him and how he avoided him

Colby Covington confesses when UFC almost fired him and how he avoided him

Colby Covington


It has taken five years and many controversial statements, in addition to victories, for Colby Covington to become a UFC star. And if we talk about his speeches, we can’t talk about the most provocative without mentioning the one in which he insulted Brazilian fans, calling them “dirty animals.”

When UFC almost fired Colby Covington

Now we recover this moment due to a recent interview of the fighter with Candace Owens, in which he confessed that he was almost fired. But not by those words, but those words influenced the change of opinion of the company.

“I had never told this story before, but three fights ago, before fighting against the world number 2 man, this man named Demian Maia in Brazil, they had told my manager Dan Lambert that they would not sign me again. They didn’t like my style, they didn’t like it not to be entertaining. This was before I started to become an artist and understood that business is also entertainment.

“Before this fight, they told me that it doesn’t matter what happened, that I was in the 6th place in the world, and that they were not going to renew my contract: ‘We don’t like your character, we don’t like your fighting style.’ And they paid me $ 30,000 to go fight the second-best in the world. After paying taxes and paying coaches, you would get $5000 or $10,000.

“So I go out, I beat him up and leave him in a pool of blood in Sao Paulo, in his hometown. So I do that promo against Brazilians: ‘You are all a bunch of dirty animals and Brazil is a dump.’ I was supposed to lose my job, but that promo went so viral on the internet that the UFC decides that they have to keep me, that they have to re-sign me because that promo was so big. That is what saved my career and that was the turning point of my career. The rest is history.”


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