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Coach Conversations “has not changed our Relationship” with Messi Confesses Former Barcelona Secretary Eric Abidal

Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal

Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal were part of Barcelona’s golden era and the duo lifted all the cups possible. They shared an unique bond and Leo supported Abidal through thick and thin when the later was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. However, their relationship got complicated after some exchange of words between the two.

The skipper publicly criticized the Frenchman for his comments on the team. The defender asked everyone to “work harder”, keeping in mind what Pep Guardiola used to tell the squad. The Argentine however didn’t take it lightly. He defended his team and said they are being dirtied by those kinds of comments.

A year has been passed since then and the Frenchman is no more a part of Barcelona. Abidal on Sunday stated he didn’t make any mistake when he pointed out the problem. “I think I was correct” is what he said when he was asked to throw some light on it.

Former Barcelona Secretary, Abidal also cleared that he never held any grudges against Messi. Throwing some light on his feelings, he said, “I don’t have to fix anything with Messi; our relationship has not changed from my point of view. From his point of view, I don’t know, but, for me, the situation is over. We have exchanged many messages and he knows what I think”.

Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal sharing a moment in Barcelona colours.

Lionel Messi and Eric Abidal sharing a moment in Barcelona colours.

Eric Abidal clears that Messi needs to see something new in order to sign a new contract

Messi has been an integral part of Barcelona’s squad since 2006. The Argentine went on to win six Ballon D’Or and helped the Catalan giants win numerous titles. His impact is second to none when it comes about his performance for the club. However, many feels that the time has come for him to move on.

All comes down to one question and that is what does Lionel Messi wants? The 34-year-old wanted to leave the club in the last summer itself but then President Josep Bartemou complicated things. Messi once again openly criticized the management and called them out for not having a proper project for the last few years.

Eric Abidal understands Messi’s frustration and feels there are things that can stop Messi from leaving. “But, as well, his idea [about whether to stay or not] will depend on the rest of the squad, the new project, the new ideas of the new board and their ideas for the coach, for example. And if, in the end, he can feel comfortable in this”.

Lionel Messi

Soccer-news-Lionel Messi during Barcelona’s match against Deportivo La Coruna

The new President, Joan Laporta during his inauguration speech promised to do everything to keep the Argentine in Camp Nou. It’s no shame to admit for a Barcelona fan as well that Messi brings a lot of revenue to the club. If Messi leaves, the merchandise sell might drop as well as the sponsors might feel differently.

Sharing his thoughts on this, Abidal said, “From a marketing point a view also, Messi gives you so much, so he is an unbelievable asset”. Even if Messi leaves, it’ll be tough for him.

According to few reports, he does have some lucrative offers from Manchester City and PSG. However, it’s very likely that Messi might stay at Barcelona considering the fact that a lot of things have changed in and out of the field.

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