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Christian Horner mentions Verstappen at top after Hamilton’s retirement

Christian Horner believes Max Verstappen will be at top after Hamilton.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen proved his worth in the past seasons. For the past couple of months, there is an uproar in fanatics about Verstappen’s future. Because there are rumors that this is Hamilton’s last tournament. Therefore, Red Bull Boss Christian Horner mentioned Verstappen will be the best on the grid when Lewis leaves.

Why Verstappen might be the best in the 2022 season?

Mercedes driver Hamilton signed a new contract, but only for a year. Therefore, there are speculations he might quit Formula 1 after 2021. Max Verstappen is the best driver in Formula 1 after Hamilton. There are chances the champion constructor may eye for the Red Bull driver to replace their ace.

Max Verstappen will drive for Red Bull in 2021.

Max Verstappen will drive for Red Bull in 2021.

Verstappen ranked number three in the 2020 season. The former Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg also mentioned Max Verstappen can challenge Hamilton if Red Bull provides a title-winning car to him.

Rosberg said, “Max is the one guy in F1 who is on a similar level to Lewis.”

What Christian Horner got to say about his ace driver?

Horner believes their ace driver Verstappen will be on top after Hamilton. Recently Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko revealed a performance clause between Verstappen and Red Bull. According to this clause, Verstappen can quit the team at the end of this season. However, this will only happen if the team cannot provide a good car.

However, Horner believes this clause would not affect the long relationship between them. We know Red Bull will overtake the engine project from Honda next year. Therefore, he will continue with the team in 2022.

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen from Red Bull.

Christian Horner and Max Verstappen from Red Bull.

Horner also mentioned that Mercedes already got brilliant drivers on their hands to replace Hamilton. So, they can leave Verstappen for some time.

Christian Horner said, “Max believes in the project and sees the investment Red Bull is making. He believes in the people within the team. So I am confident we won’t need to refer to any contractual clauses.

“It will be ultimately down to us to deliver a competitive car. That’s we want, and he wants. So in that respect, we are in an identical situation.

“Should Lewis decide to stop, then Max would naturally be the driver at the top of the list. But they also have George Russell and other drivers available to them.

What can we expect from Verstappen in the future?

We might see Hamilton win his eighth title this season and leave the grid. Therefore, Verstappen replacing him in Mercedes or continue with his current team.

Whatever happens, this season will be a turning point for the career of many drivers. We might witness the creation of new historical events this year. Therefore, we cannot miss a single Grand Prix this year. The First race of F1 2021 will hold in Bahrain on 28 March 2021.

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