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Chris Evans recalls his first meeting with Federer where he mistaken him as the owner of the bar

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Chris Evans recalled the first time he ever met 20-time Grand Slam champion, Roger Federer. A few days ago Chris Evans, who hosted a radio show on Virgin Radio, talked about his first meeting with Roger Federer, which took place in a London bar. Speaking to Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne, the DJ revealed that the eight-time Wimbledon champion had mistaken him for the owner of that venue.

Chris Evans recalls his first meeting with Federer

Roger Federer

Shall I tell you my Roger Federer story again,” Chris Evans asked, eagerly as both Vassos and Rachel agreed. “So, I was in a bar with my mate in London and Bear Grylls was in there with his mate and we’re the only two couples in the bar…”

Chris began. “My mate had nipped outside and Bear was sitting with Roger Federer. The former BBC star continued: “Roger and Bear hadn’t seen who I was with – I was sat with Tom Jones, so there’s me, Tom Jones, Roger Federer and Bear Grylls in a bar – this sounds like a joke!” he giggled as the studio roared with laughter.

Chris admitted he couldn’t remember all of what happened next, but when Roger was introduced to Chris, it appeared that he believed he was the owner of the bar. “Roger didn’t see at any point that I was with Tom and he obviously didn’t see a barman,” Chris explained.

He added that his friendship with the survival expert goes way back and before they left. Further, he stopped to say goodbye and introduced Roger to the radio host.

“He goes, ‘Roger, this is my friend Chris,” and Roger says, ‘Nice bar,’ Chris giggled.

“And I said, ‘Thank you very much!’ By the way I’m with a bloke that looks sort of like Tom Jones!”

Chris Evans would reminiscence the first meet with the legendary Roger Federer for an eternity, as we might deduce from the entire hype of the story.


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