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Chris Eubank Jr. has not fought since winning the best victory of his career

Chris Eubank Jr. has not fought since winning the best victory of his career


Chris Eubank Jr. has not fought since winning the best victory of his career over James DeGale on February 23, 2019. A victory that made Eubank Jr. win the IBO Super championship belt. Since then, the British boxer seemed lost like swallowed by the earth. There was no news about the fight.

Famous boxing promoter, Eddie Hearn also did not know the traces of Eubank Jr’s career since the victory at the O2 Arena, London, England. In fact, the victory made him the IBO champion. “No one has seen him since,” said Eddie Hearn.

Hearn was also confused when asked about the 29-year boxer’s gait after winning the vacant title. “I don’t know what he did, ” he said. ” Is he retired? ” He asked.

He regretted that Eubank Jr. was unemployed for too long after his last fight which was nearly seven months away. Typically, a boxer three months after the last fight “He won the best victory of his career in February and no one has seen him since. I don’t know why,” he said.

He was ready to stage Eubank Jr. if he wanted to end the “how to” period. He has also prepared an opponent commensurate with Eubank Jr. He called Billy Joe Saunders or Callum Smith as opponents to Eubank Jr. if he still wanted to ambition for world champions. “I can meet him with Saunders or Smith today, ” he said.


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The start of Eubank Jr’s unbeaten career ended with Saunders, who is currently the holder of the WBO Super Intermediate championship belt, on November 29, 2014. At that time, Saunders won a narrow figure over Eubank Jr. in the race for the European Middle Class championship belt.

In addition to losing to Saunders, Eubank Jr. was also defeated by George Groves. When asked about whether to investigate to find out the fate of Eubank Jr., Hearn expressed his willingness. ” Yes, 100 percent. “Billy Joe and Callum are both eligible for the fight,” he said.

He still opens the chance for Eubank Jr. if he wants to return to the ring for the world title. “I believe Eubank Jr. wants to win the world title, so why not? Eubank Jr. is a boxer with a big name and a good boxer,” he said.

On another occasion, Eubank Jr. had told Sky Sports about his career. “The victory over DeGale was satisfying for several reasons that can prove what I know so far. There are many who doubt me about my status in boxing, but I always believe in myself and that’s the way. There is no other way, ” he explained.

The son of former world champion Chris Eubank feels himself as the best boxer in the world. “I see myself as the world’s best boxer and that’s what I have proven.”


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