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Charles Leclerc Discloses Ferrari’s Internal Condition

Charles Leclerc Discloses Ferrari's Internal Condition

Since winning two wins, Charles Leclerc is predicted to be the main driver of Ferrari


Since winning two victories, Charles Leclerc has been predicted to be the main driver of Ferrari. The position practically makes Sebastian Vettel hot.

Vettel as a senior racer on the Ferrari racing team is now starting to be displaced thanks to the brilliant appearance of Leclerc. An unpleasant issue began to attack the internal team with the Prancing Horse logo.

Moreover, Ferrari reportedly gave orders (team orders) to the two drivers to prioritize Vettel finish first. In fact, Leclerc actually appears brighter.

“There are some misunderstandings from the car, but I think we’ve discussed and everything is clear now,” Leclerc was quoted as saying by on Thursday (10/10/2019).

“Obviously it feels like a big problem outside. But certainly not. We are fine,” continued Leclerc.

The next race will take place at Suzuka Circuit, Japan, this weekend. Bad weather is expected to disrupt the course of the race. 


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