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Chang International Circuit, Dangerous Tracks in MotoGP 2019

Chang International Circuit, Dangerous Tracks in MotoGP 2019

Chang International Circuit, Dangerous Tracks in MotoGP 2019

Chang International Circuit is entering its second year to hold a MotoGP race. This iron racetrack is known as the most complicated track. This is not a mere figment, because there has been a lot of recognition given by the MotoGP circus as long as they feel the sensation of racing on the track along the 4.5 km.

The Chang International Circuit, which is located in the City of Buriram, is familiar to World Superbike (WSBK) racers rather than MotoGP. Because the track that has 12 bends has been a WSBK race track since 2015. Seven bends right and five left.

However, the enthusiasm of lovers of MotoGP racing in Thailand is not lonely. The proof, the organizers of the Chang International Circuit immediately set a record on its debut last year. This relates to the largest number of viewers (222,535 viewers).

Chang International Circuit defeated circuits that have been hosting longer, such as the Red Bull Ring. Behind the excitement that occurs, this circuit stores many stories, one of which is about the level of difficulty faced by the MotoGP circus.

From the official MotoGP page, there are three areas that racers will feel during overtaking. First, it is straight at the start-finish line and Bends 1 (Zone 1). At the end of the straight, there is Bend 3 (Zone 2) to the right which is U-shaped.

Finally, there is Bend 12 in Zone 3 with bend L, which will lure the world’s top jockeys to aggressively attack the last lap of the race. But the story of the ‘awesomeness’ of the Chang International Circuit is never lonely.

On his debut in MotoGP last year, Lorenzo became a victim of the ferocity of this circuit. At that time, the driver who was still a jockey from the Ducati team suffered a terrible accident while undergoing a second free training session.

Lorenzo had a severe accident at the second bend of FP2. He was thrown to the edge of the track and the Desmosedici GP18 motorcycle suffered heavy damage. From the results of the examination note that the three-time MotoGP world champion did not experience a broken bone.

Also not lost from memory of the terrifying events that befall Lorenzo. Marc Marquez is now feeling the heat of the Chang International Circuit. The Repsol Honda racer crashed in the seventh bend of the FP1.

As a result, Marquez was forced to be rushed to the nearest hospital to find out his condition. “Marc had a terrible accident as you have all seen. Fortunately, he was fine. He went to the medical center and then to the hospital to check everything. They did an MRI and everything looked fine. Of course, he had some “bruises on the back and legs, but nothing to worry about. Luckily he was lucky to escape a serious injury,” said team manager Alberto Puig.


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