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Cerrone’s message to McGregor: Take care of your speech, or I’ll teach it in the Lobby

Cerrone's message to McGregor: Take care of your speech, or I'll teach it in the Lobby


Donald Cerrone warns Conor McGregor ahead of their duel at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 246. This is related to McGregor’s attitude who likes to talk nonsense.

McGregor will fight against Cerrone on Saturday (18/1) at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. The match was a comeback event for the fighter nicknamed The Notorious in free fighting.

Both Cerrone and McGregor are scheduled to hold a press conference on 15 January. At that moment, McGregor was asked to guard his words.

During this time, McGregor is known for his big mouth, which is often out of line and smells of racial intolerance. That seemed to be the image of the man born in Dublin.


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“(About the big mouth), he is indeed a champion,” Cerrone said, quoted by MMA Fighting.

‘But he must have gone too far, like offending my grandmother, or my child, then I reacted. You understand, right? If that’s the case, I’ll personally beat him in the lobby.’

‘But it seems that he will not dare to that extent. He understands, really. We will fight, and he is free to talk as he wishes but don’t go too far,’ he continued.

Cerrone also didn’t care about McGregor’s controversial life. For him, that was none of his business.

“I do not care. He has a life outside the ring, that’s his business. I will not comment on that. He is a man, and has grown up,” said the fighter nicknamed the Cowboy.



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