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Carlito’s Drug test remarks sparks the decade old ‘Drug Abuse’ debate in WWE !


WWE superstars have had a brief and painful history with drugs. While few succumbed to random drug abuse, others witnessed severe health conditions out of it. Now renowned WWE superstar Carlito aka Carlo colon Jr. has added a fresh spark to the debate by calling WWE wellness policy in the past ‘crazy’.

He further admired the current scheme of things regarding the same wellness policies in WWE. It must be mentioned that Carlito recently marked a return to the WWE ring after over ten years. So, him making such a big revelation speaks volumes about the loopholes in WWE Wellness policies in earlier days.

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies–Carlito

Carlito briefly compared the situation in the past to the one currently. As per him, WWE stars were supposed to be ‘Super Human structures’ back then. So, anything and everything in its support were deemed as ‘valid’ in the locker room.

The culture in the back is a lot tamer. I think it’s a lot healthier in the back. It seems like the guys are generally happy in the back. That is a good thing to see. I feel like the guys are smarter now. It seems like they are being taken care of now. The Wellness Policy is another good idea. We were crazier back in those days, so I think it’s a good thing to have that under control and make sure everyone is on the up and up and are taking care of themselves. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.”, Carlito said.

Why and how Drug abuse became an eternal part of the WWE locker room?

Drugs abuse in WWE

Drugs abuse in WWE

As we are questioning the Wellness policies of WWE back then, we must also look on the other side of the coin. The job of a professional wrestler is highly demanding. Besides carrying the perfect physique, a Wrestler has to tackle situations where they may not get enough rest and gap between their matches

Each of these stars has to sign a contract with WWE. The contract majorly mentions their part in promoting and building the WWE brand. Doing that, these stars have to undergo situations where things often don’t go in their favor. But yes, it is a dream come true for most of them. So, either way, they all have to agree to anything and everything to get this opportunity.

During the late ’80s and ’90s, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon underwent several trials regarding potential drug abuse in WWE. He also got indicted for promoting Steroid use. Although he got acquitted from these charges, the monkey never got off from WWE’s back since then.

What pushed these WWE stars to get on with Drugs?

You call them ‘Steroids’ or “performance-enhancing” drugs- either way, you are bringing those ‘Banned substances’ into play. Just to keep up with that ‘Hulk’ shape, a wrestler has to indulge in such drug abuse.

While using these drugs, a wrestler can achieve a similar shape to that of a bodybuilder, without making likewise efforts. There have been times when the wrestlers have been alleged of taking Human Growth Hormones, along with Steroids.

Besides giving a carved look, these ‘substances’ make you stand out!

According to a WWE insider, WWE superstars have to work through all kinds of pain and injuries, both in-ring and after-effects. They have to stay on a show, once every week, or even three or four times a week at times.

These stars also need to stay awake during grueling travel and related conditions. So, drugs come as a perfect dosage of energy and testosterone for these stars living a fast, rich, famous life.

Once a wrestler opts for drugs, be it “performance-enhancing,” “recreational,” or a prescription drug, it automatically comes into the limelight. Wrestlers were reprimanded for such acts during the Vince McMahon trials.

Final word

The recent statement by Carlito has once again sparked the age-old debate regarding Drug abuse in would be interesting to see how WWE management reacts to the same statement in the coming days.



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