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Bucs general manager Jason Licht believes Blaine Gabbert can be a potential replacement for Tom Brady

Blaine Gabbert

Tom Brady is not leaving Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year. According to his recent Super Bowl-week comments, Brady is planning to play at least one more year with the Buccaneers, perhaps a few more years. However, Tom Brady is getting older, hence, the team must lookout for an eligible and worthy successor who can take over after Brady retires.

For now, Buccaneers does not need to worry about finding a new quarterback as they have found the backup to Tom Brady. During the 2020-2021 NFL season, Blaine Gabbert showed his class against the Detroit Lions, in which he completed 16 passes along with 143 yards run. Additionally, he completed two touchdowns and secured a 47-7 win. On February 7, 2021, Gabbert played as the backup quarterback behind Brady in Super Bowl LV. With that win, Gabbert won his first Super Bowl ring.

Buccaneers’ general manager Jason Licht is pretty confident about Gabbert’s performance. Licht said “First of all, I love his energy. I’ve really gotten close to Blaine this year just being on the sidelines. He’s a really smart guy but he is one guy, my scouts and I talk about this a lot, he’s just one guy that I love to watch throw every day in practice because he has got a cannon. He’s very accurate with his throws as well and he can just really whistle them in in tight windows. If he had been forced to play, he played in the Detroit game, but if he had been forced to play more I think that he would have really opened a lot of people’s eyes about how talented he is, especially being in the same system for a couple of years.”

Career of Blaine Gabbert

Blaine Gabbert in Super Bowl LV

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

However, the 31-year-old Gabbert could not play the entire 2019 season due to a shoulder injury. Blaine Gabbert started his career in 2011 with Jacksonville Jaguars. He ran 2,214 passing yards in 2011, which is the best performance so far.

Later in 2015, Blaine Gabbert had another great year with 2,031 passing yards for the San Francisco 49ers. He played two seasons with the 49ers before joining the Cardinals in 2017. For the Arizona Cardinals, Gabbert had 1,086 passing yards. However, he played only one season with the cardinals. Further, he joined the Tennessee Titans in the following year. However, Gabbert did not do well with the Titans, and he was released in 2019. And, finally, it seems Gabbert has found his home with Tampa Bay. 

Tom Brady is obviously playing for Tampa for another few years. So, finding a successor should not be a prime concern for them as Brady is in good health condition. But Tampa will need to keep a backup ready in case any emergency comes out.  Licht’s comment on Blaine Gabbert indicates they will definitely consider renewing Gabbert’s contract and keep him Brady’s alternative. 

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