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Brutal Duel, UFC Fighters Experience the Most Terrible Nose Injury in History

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry suffered a terrible nose injury in UFC Fight Night 156 versus Vicente Luque in Montevideo, Uruguay, Saturday (10/08/2019) local time. Down in the welterweight class, Perry’s nose bone was seen shifting to the letter Z. 

The Octagon in Montevideo turned into a bloodbath after Luque’s knee landed on the face of the fighter from the United States in the last minute of the third round. However, the Michigan-born fighter refused to give up surviving until the third round ended.

Luque won the numbers 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28, although Perry, 27, took more hits in close combat. Perry had protested the defeat but did not change the decision. To be sure, Perry suffered one of the worst broken noses in the history of MMA (mix martial arts).

The UFC president, Dana White, shared a photo of Perry’s face on social media after the fight, which immediately received a response from UFC organizers. One netizen said, “Winning or losing Perry is a perfect warrior and entertainer.

Meanwhile, Perry is not the only fighter who received a brutal blow in Uruguay. Flying-class fighter Raulian Paiva needed stitches to patch a terrible tear over his eye after losing the TKO to Rogerio Bontorin.


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