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Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant May Miss Multiple Games for NBA’s Contact-Tracing Protocols

Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant will not be flying to Philadelphia for Saturday’s game as per the NBA’s health and safety protocols and may sit for the multiple games as well.

Kevin Durant was pulled out twice last Friday when facing Toronto Raptors due to the NBA’s contact-tracing protocols. During the pre-gaming lineup session, he asked to leave once. However, after a while he was allowed to play the game with Toronto Raptors but, again in the third quarter, Durant pulled out finally and asked to leave for the isolation until further notice.

Why Was KD Pulled Out?

According to the sources, Durant had come into close contact with a subordinate on Friday, who tested positive for the COVID-19. The Positive COVID-19 test report of that associate revealed on Friday night when the Nets were facing Toronto Raptors. Instantly, after the report was revealed, the NBA official asked KD to quarantine himself to avoid further health hazards.

What was The League’s statement?

According to the league, they first told in a statement that, “Under the league’s health and safety protocols, we do not require a player to be quarantined¬†until a close contact has a confirmed positive test.” As soon as the confirmed report of that affected associate came, the official told Durant to leave the game and asked him to isolate himself.

What was Durant’s Reaction?

However, Durant was extremely disappointed with the NBA’s decision on the contact-tracing issue. Durant was looking awfully frustrated. He was shaking his head downside and threw his water bottle when leaving through the tunnel for the final time. KD played for 19 minutes in the game before he finally pulled out. Later, KD tweeted, “Free me”, during the last minute of the play with apparent frustration. Durant also tweeted against the NBA’s PR tactics, “Yo @nba, your fans aren’t dumb!!!! You can’t fool em with your Wack ass PR tactics.. #FREE7”.

Jeff Green and James Harden Reacted

However, the Brooklyn nets lost the game to the Toronto Raptors by 123-117 and Jeff Green reacted just after the game considering the circumstances. Green in a statement expressed, “I don’t get it. It’s frustrating obviously,” “I mean, they let him play, then they take him out. I don’t know. I don’t get it”.

James Harden shared similar thoughts and said in a statement, “There’s just a lot going on. There’s too much going on. It’s kind of overwhelming. We’re in the midst of a tough game, and these games are going to add up, especially if we’re talking about playoff seeding … to catch a rhythm. It’s overwhelming. It’s frustrating.”

When Will KD Return?

However, there are hardly any chances of Kevin Durant’s return in the recent upcoming games. Conversely, there is no definite news about Durant’s return. Hence, KD will remain isolated and will be away from the upcoming games until further notice by the health experts. The Brooklyn Nets will miss KD against Philadelphia on Saturday, against Detroit on Tuesday, and against Indiana on Wednesday, respectively.

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