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Brivio’s surprising switch to Alpine F1 is still a ”Good move” : Romain Grosjean

Romain Grosjean

How often do you find someone from MOTOGP taking over a wider role in F1? Not that often, we reckon. So, when Alpine F1 announced the arrival of former MotoGP boss Davide Brivio as their new racing director, the move surprised many around the F1 circuit.

Romain Grosjean, former F1 star, belongs to the same lot. According to him, the switch is certainly “surprising” in a lot of aspects.

Alpine F1 team bringing one surprise after another!

Alpine F1 team

Alpine F1 team

This is not the first time when the Alpine F1 team has surprised the F1 fraternity. Earlier, they shocked numerous fans and experts in the paddock while announcing the immediate ‘Exit’ of Cyril Abiteboul.

This followed after a list of speculations that pointed towards Frenchman standing down as the team boss of the Alpine F1 team. Subsequently, being associated with Renault Sport in the past, Abiteboul switched to the Caterham Formula 1 team in 2012, as a team principal.

It was in 2014 when he made a return to the French team as the managing director. His contributions played a pivotal role in ensuring the return of the Renault F1 team to the grid in 2016.

Abiteboul was all set to become the team principal of Alpine as Renault launched their high-performance division to Formula 1 world. However, just after a few weeks, they confirmed Abiteboul’s immediate exit from the team.

Further, when they recently announced about bringing MotoGP Suzuki boss Brivio to their F1 setup as racing director, both the fans and sports experts were left with a surprising feeling. It must be mentioned that Brivio is said to be working alongside Marcin Budkowski for a wider role.

Surprised, yet hopeful with this move – Grosjean

Grosjean, who drove for the Enstone team from 2012 to 2015, has also put forward his viewpoint in a similar respect.

I’ve been watching and following the changes and I think I was quite surprised. I know a little bit about Brivio, the Suzuki guy. I’m a huge MotoGP fan, so I’ve been watching obviously his course in MotoGP and watching the championship that they won with the riders,” the former F1 driver told a leading online sport daily.

He knows racing very well, so I’m hoping that for Renault it’s a good move. And also Marcin at the top of the factory now could be good.”, he further added. Grosjean still feels hopeful about this move paying off for Alpine.

It must be noted that last season did bring a lot of positives to the Alpine F1 team. Besides finishing fifth in the championship, they put on a thrilling show to battle it out for a third place in the Constructors’ Championship.

Grosjean drove for Renault (now Alpine) as a junior driver a few years back. So, none other than him knows about this team inside out. As per Grosjean, “It’s still 10 years of my life Renault. So I really wish them the best and I hope they can build on what they have done last year. It should be good. I wish them the best,”

How Alpine F1 team lines up for 2021?

Fernando Alonso along with Esteban Ocon will be taking guard for the French F1 team this season. As Brivio is about to take a bigger role in the team setup, we can certainly expect some better improvements in the near future for the Alpine F1 team.

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