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Watch: Ben Askren’s Final Training Moments Before Fighting Jake Paul in a Legacy Defining Match-Up

Dana White will be betting his $1 million dollars on Ben Askren

The wait is almost over for the Ben Askren and Jake Paul fight. After creating all the hypes since the last few weeks, the former Bellator Champion and the YouTuber will join the octagon tonight, to fight a celebrity boxing match.

Both fighters have been involved in a war of words and social media showdown for the last month. The hype got intense when they met in the press conference, and trash-talked about each other.

After that conference, Askren has been posting many videos on social media to tease the YouTuber. Today, the Funky posted one last video on his final training with his team, which has indirectly put some fuel toward Paul. Watch the video:

Ben Askren or Jake Paul: Who will win?

Both Askren and Paul are not much accustomed to boxing. However, Paul has some experience in the realm of boxing, while Ben will play his debut boxing battle.

Considering the career facts, Ben has much more experience in combat sports as he is a former UFC fighter and wrestler. On the other hand, Paul fought two boxing matches against NBA player and YouTuber AnEsonGib. However, those bouts are not considered a real boxing fight as both of the opponents were amateur.

Ben Askren (R) shoves Jake Paul as they face off during a news conference for Triller Fight Club's inaugural 2021 boxing event

Ben Askren (R) shoves Jake Paul as they face off during a news conference for Triller Fight Club’s inaugural 2021 boxing event. (Credits: Getty Images)

With no prior experience in the domain, Ben Askren chose the legendary boxing coach, Freddie Roach as his trainer. It seems Askren is serious about the bout.

Considering the professional career and fighting experience, the former Bellator champion Askren will certainly have an advantage over Jake Paul.


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