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Stephen Thompson: Fighting Youtubers Like Jake Paul and Logan Paul “Hurts the Legacy” of Mayweather and Ben Askren

Heat for April 17 turns up between Ben Askren and Jake Paul

Stephen Thompson has spoken about the upcoming YouTuber boxing matches. In particular, he discusses those surrounding Ben Askren and Floyd Mayweather.

Being a UFC welterweight and having dedicated his entire life to MMA, it is understandable why Stephen is upset. This weekend, Jake Paul and Ben Askren will have a boxing match.

Naturally, there is a lot of hype surrounding the fight. Jake Paul is a YouTuber coming off a victory against retired NBA player Nate Robinson. On the other hand, Ben will be making his boxing debut.

Jake Paul (L) and Ben Askren (R) during a news conference for Triller Fight Club's inaugural 2021 boxing event

Announcer Al Bernstein (C) interviews Jake Paul (L) and Ben Askren (R) during a news conference for Triller Fight Club’s inaugural 2021 boxing event. (Credits: Getty Images)

The Paul brothers’ antics have caught the eyes of fans and fighters alike. Whilst some fighters are appreciative of the ‘new’ fans, others remain unimpressed. “I refuse. I refuse to watch that. It is kind of cringe,” says Thompson.

Thompson is against entertaining legitimate fighters picking fights with the Pauls.  However, he has revealed his desire to smack the brothers during an interview on What the Heck.

“I think it would just hurt their legacy,” he says in reference to Ben and Floyd. Jake’s brother Logan has called out Floyd Mayweather persistently to agree to a boxing fight with him. “I want to slap ‘em. I do,” Thompson adds.

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A Good Move For Ben Askren?

Unsurprisingly, Ben is making quite a payday after retiring from the UFC. ‘Funky’ is also currently managing five wrestling academies. He called time on his UFC and MMA career following complications with his hip.

Ben Askren engaged in a fierce fight at ONE championship.

Ben Askren of the United States of America (R) fights Shinya Aoki of Japan in the Welterweight World Championship bout during ONE Championship. (Credits: Getty Images)

As a result, he took up this opportunity to box Jake Paul. “I got an interesting opportunity and I’m going to take advantage of it,” he said. Ben has also pointed out that money is not his sole reason for taking up the fight.

Naturally, Ben would love to beat Jake Paul. That said, the retired fighter is excited at the prospect of punching Jake Paul and ending his hype this Saturday in Atlanta.

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