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“I come to win, and I come to make history” Canelo Álvarez expresses his feelings after knocking out Avni Yildirim

Canelo vs Yildirim
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Dejected, disappointed, and thoroughly defeated, the Avni Yildirim informs the referee that he will not be getting up for a fourth-round.  The Super middleweight title match, Canelo vs. Yildirim, came to an end on February 27th, 2021. 

The Canelo vs. Yildirim battle was hosted at the Miami Dolphins stadium and marked a moment in history. The stadium was used for the first-ever as a venue for the main boxing event. 

Canelo vs. Yildrim received a lot of attention on social media. The fans of Canelo “the Cowboy” Álvarez and Avni “the Turkish Wolf” Yildirim showed their enthusiasm for the match-up.

Canelo holds a record of fifty-four wins, one loss, and thirty-six knockouts prior to his fight against Yildirim who had won twenty times and lost once. 

Yildirim came to the ring as a challenger and hoped he could take the champ’s belt. Both fighters went into the ring to battle one another. However, Canelo played it smart and set up a boxing clinic that was advantageous to him, securing his fifty-eighth victory after his first professional fight on October 29th, 2005. 

Canelo vs Alvarez

Canelo vs. Yildirim makes history at the Miami Dolphins stadium

Canelo forces Yildirim to retire in the third round

In the first and second round of Canelo vs. Yildirim, the cowboy targeted the Turkish orthodox pugilist body by landing power shots that maim the Turkish man.

In the third round, Canelo demonstrated his dominance and ceased the round by sending Yildirim to the canvas via a thunderous right hand. Furthermore, Yildirim never came out from his corner and further chose to retire; instead, the fight went to Canelo via a technical knockout decision. The ‘Cowboy’ dominantly retained his belt and the fight was scored at thirty-two to twenty-six by DAZN News.

After the battle, the Mexican bruiser told DAZN news on February 27th, 2021, “I came here to win and be a part of history. I feel stronger, faster, and more comfortable at my current weight. I fought Yildirim to unify my weight category, and in the end, I emerged victoriously.”

Canelo faces Billy Joe Saunders for the WBO Super Middle Weight title

Billy Joe Saunders

Saunders could be a difficult matchup for the Mexican champion

Canelo takes on WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders on May 8th, 2021. Although Canelo vs. Yildirim ended in a one-sided victory for the thirty-year-old Mexican international, Saunders will not return to the UK without putting up a fight. 

The Englishman is undefeated in the British boxing circle. Subsequently, Billy ‘Superb’ Saunders has a fight record of thirty wins and fourteen knockouts and the champ wishes to add Canelo to the list of opponents he has defeated.

In all consideration, both champions are dominant in the ring and will look to assert their dominance on one another on May 8th, 2021.


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