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“He’s like a petulant child,” Ben Askren bolds Jake Paul on Facepalm reaction

Jake Paul (L) and Ben Askren (R) during a news conference for Triller Fight Club's inaugural 2021 boxing event

Jake Paul and Ben Askren met in a press conference last night on the occasion of their upcoming boxing fight. Things heated up in the second when the YouTuber started trash talk to the former UFC fighter. However, Ben stayed calm throughout the conference.

As soon as Paul saw Askren in the meeting room, he got furious for no reason. He came with his team and threw papers from the Funky’s table. On the other hand, the former Bellator champion sat calmly and stared at the Problem Kid.

Later they when they joined at the faceoff for a photo session, Askren facepalmed Paul while the 36-year-old was leaving the stage. After that, the 24-year-old came after Askren violently and shoved him off. After the conference, Ben was asked if he was surprised by Paul’s behavior.

Paul is aggressive and violent from his childhood, and Askren knows about that. Therefore, the YouTuber’s behavior did not surprise him a bit. “He’s like a petulant child that’s how he acts,” Ben said to the interviewer.

Later Askren talked about Paul face-timing Jorge Masvidal, who knocked Ben in five seconds at UFC 239 in July 2019. He said, “it just it’s a low-level joke.”

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Jorge Masvidal joins Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren press conference via FaceTime

Jake Paul face-timed Jorge Masvidal to embarrass Askren during the press conference. Masvidal is known for the fastest knock-out record in UFC history, which he did against the Funky. It seems Ben Askren just can’t escape from Jorge Masvidal.

The Gamebred joined the conference via Paul’s facetime briefly. As soon as the video call started, Masvidal said, “Are you still alive? Tell him I like them flip-flops.”

Paul hung up the call shortly and wasted no time roasting the retired UFC fighter. But Masvidal’s voice was enough to embarrass the former Bellator and ONE Welterweight Champion.

Dana White is betting his $1million Dollars on Ben Askren

Ben Askren stands in his corner prior to his welterweight bout against Demian Maia of Brazil during the UFC Fight Night event at Singapore Indoor Stadium (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

The controversial bout between these two fighters has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Paul verbally abused Ben Askren on social media several times, and Ben also replied harshly. While traditional boxing fans have criticized the event, the organizer Triller has confirmed the PPV price and venue.


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