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“Boxing is F****d Up” Dillian Whyte Shouts After Watching Derek Chisora vs Joseph Parker Undercard Result

Seven seconds into the fight Derek Chisora VS Joseph Parker, the WBO’s intercontinental’s heavyweight title, Chisora floored Parker. Chisora, seeking an early finish, poured forward but Parker was not badly hurt. Joseph Parker overcame a first-round knockdown to defeat Derek Chisora by a split decision following a brutal heavyweight battle.

The New Zealander had a disastrous start, hitting the canvas in the opening seconds. But Parker showed grit along with his classy combinations to secure victory. Looking to maintain his rough-house tempo, Chisora used rabbit punches and uppercuts whenever Parker tried to hold and smother him.

Parker, the more skillful fighter struggled with the brawling style of Chisora. Deep into round six, though trailing on the scorecard, Parker took control of the fight and boxed effectively. Upon winning the sixth round, he entered the second half of the bout with renewed hope. Joseph was the dominant one from round seven and hurt Derek with all his might.

Dillian Whyte (r) knocks out Dereck Chisora to win the Heavyweight fight.

Dillian Whyte (r) knocks out Dereck Chisora to win the Heavyweight fight between Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora at The O2 Arena. (Credits – Getty Images)

After the fight, Derek Chisora and Joseph Parker were asked to share their thoughts on the match.

Chisora said, “I’m getting upset now. It’s difficult because I train hard. I fight, put the pressure on, bring everything, and this is the treatment I get from boxing. My last fight was the same thing again, this fight was the same thing again. I think they don’t like me, it’s just disappointing. I can’t get upset because it’s just horrible.”

Chisora’s old rival Whyte added on social media: Boxing is f up @DerekWarChisora won that fight by at least 2 rounds @MatchroomBoxing @SkySportsBoxing #robbery

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Joseph Parker was ecstatic with joy and reacted accordingly. He said, “It was a tough fight, I got caught right at the beginning. I just had to dig deep and stay focused. He threw big bombs and landed a lot. I feel like the boxing skills [made the difference], but it was a very close fight.”

Though the result of Derek Chisora VS Joseph Parker was unfair to some, in the world of boxing anything is possible. Derek Chisora is up for another fight and won’t let this stop him from stepping inside the ring again.


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