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Bloody Right Eye, Tyson Fury Defeat Wallin, Challenge Wilder

Bloody Right Eye, Tyson Fury Defeat Wallin, Challenge Wilder

Bloody Right Eye, Tyson Fury Defeat Wallin, Challenge Wilder / Sky Sports


A bloody battle colored Tyson Fury’s victory over Otto Wallin in a Heavyweight duel at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Sunday (9/15) afternoon WIB. In the 12 round duel, Fury who got a bloody wound on his right eyebrow was declared to win an absolute number.


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Three judges gave absolute victories 116-112, 117-111, and 118-110, for the former WBA, WBO, and IBF heavyweight world champions. However, the wound on his right eyebrow that was wide enough made him have to rest for a while before going up the ring again.

Fury appeared different in the fight against Wallin. He entertained the audience while going up to the ring. Boxer nicknamed Gypsy King appeared with Mexican attributes. Starting from sombrero hats, robes, pants to boxing gloves all nuanced Mexican flag.

Fury seems to want to pay homage to the Mexican public who celebrated Independence Day to coincide with the date of his fight against Wallin. Therefore, he gave a surprise by using the Mexican attribute.


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In the fight led by ring referee Tony Weeks, Fury got resistance from Wallin. Since the first round, Wallin did not want to keep his distance by taking the initiative to attack through the fishing rod. Fury was not provoked to fight at close range. He kept moving while keeping his distance to measure the strength of his left-handed opponent.

Entering the second round, Wallin still lured Fury to close combat. Fury’s defense, which had a superior height, was effective in reducing Wallin’s punch. Wallin had cornered Fury in a white corner but was able to be muted. A Fury’s right hook struck Wallin’s face at the end of the second round. Until the second round, Fury fired 82 punches versus 61.

When the third round began, Fury said, “Come on,” to Wallin to fight. Wallin responded by releasing a left-handed punch which became his mainstay weapon. At the end of the third round, blood came from Fury’s right eyebrow. The wound is quite open.

During the break, Coach Fury tried to hold back the blood coming from the brow of the right eye. From a replay, a left Wallin jab landed on Fury’s right eyebrow, causing tearing and bleeding during a duel in a white corner.

Fury began to heat after getting a wound in his eye. Blood flowing from his right eye disturbed Fury’s eyes.

Fury’s coach, Ben Davison, continues to cheer Fury. “Don’t panic, don’t be depressed,” Ben said to calm Fury. The audience who sympathized with Fury began shouting the name of the British boxer. “Tyson, Tyson.” The support stung Fury by surging Wallin who grimaced at his opponent’s hard blow. This round belongs to Fury.

In round eight, there was swelling under Wallin’s left eye. The wound was a backlash from Fury in the seventh round. Fury attack as an outlet for anger over the injuries he sustained.

Fury increasingly had the upper hand by continuing to push Wallin in the ring rope. In the tenth round, Fury continued to beat Wallin.

Wallin was cornered in the ring rope after receiving Fury’s sporadic blow. Wallin is in pain. Wallin began to stagger withstand the onslaught of Fury.

Fury really gave pain to Wallin as he boasted before the fight. This round returned to Fury until the bell round 12 ended. Fury was declared to win an absolute number. Wallin claimed to be overwhelmed by big-bodied boxers like Fury.

“Yes, I did not even hear the results of the calculation of numbers, but I have done everything I can. I tried my best,” Wallin said. “I tried to hit him even more. I know it was a shocking blow, “he said.

On the other hand, Fury had forgotten the moment in the ring. He still appreciated Wallin.” I want to congratulate Otto Wallin, “Fury said. “It was a great fight. I was involved in a fierce duel from the start,” he said.

After defeating Wallin, Fury immediately sent a message to WBC Heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder. “Deontay Wilder, I want you next! I have plenty of time outside the ring,” Fury said.


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