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Biagi Calls Marc Marquez The Legend of MotoGP History

Biagi Calls Marc Marquez The Legend of MotoGP Life

Biagi Calls Marc Marquez The Legend of MotoGP History


Marc Marquez performed brilliantly and consistently on the MotoGP race track. Former rider Max Biagi even called it a living legend on the racetrack.

Since diving his debut in the MotoGP arena in 2013, Marc Marquez has been outstanding by winning the world title. In the following season, the racer nicknamed The Alien Baby again won the title armed with 10 wins.

The shock continued in the following years. Along with the consistency of the appearance of The Alien Baby, other racers such as Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo who first performed brilliantly, in fact, the performance is increasingly slack.

“I think Marc did something outrageous at the time (2014). He has won 10 races in a row in 2014, nobody has done anything like that in the past,” Biaggi was quoted as saying Speedweek on Saturday ( 28/9 / 2019).

“He came to MotoGP like a veteran, with extraordinary maturity. I do not see any resemblance to anyone. Marc has written a page in the history of motorsport books that is different from the others,” Biaggi continued.

This season Marc Marquez has the opportunity to seal the MotoGP world title in Thailand. The Grandprix will take place in early October 2019.


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