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Beyond Maldini’s record, Buffon is proud not to be absurd

Beyond Maldini's record, Buffon is proud not to be absurd

Beyond Maldini’s record, Buffon is proud not to be absurd


Juventus’ victory over SPAL in the seventh week of the Serie A Italian League brought a blessing to Gianluigi Buffon. It turned out that Gianluigi Buffon’s action in the match became a new record while surpassing the achievements of Paolo Maldini.

Buffon, who returned to Turin after a seasoned career at PSG, made his 903rd appearance for Juventus. The duel won by Juve at the Allianz Stadium on Saturday (09/29/2019), with a score of 2-0, listed Buffon’s name as the most player in Serie A. He uprooted the AC Milan legend Paolo Maldini.


“This is extraordinary satisfaction. I did not realize that I was so close to this record two matches ago. I found in the last game. I was told that I had reached the Paolo Maldini record,” he said. 2019).

“It makes me very happy and very proud, proud of what I am doing. But as I said to my colleagues, I am happy to have arrived here not myself, but as a high-level player. That is what I think I can “I thank my parents and wife,” he explained.

When compared to Maldini, Buffon is a little different. If Maldini only played 220 times for Milan, while Buffon reached the record as the most players appearing in the Italian League through two different clubs, namely Parma and Juventus.


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