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Ranking the Top 10 Best Fielders of All Time

Best Fielders All Time

Fielding can often make a difference between two teams and help in winning. Over the years, fielders have shown that cricket is much more than merely batting and bowling.

A good fielder can turn the situation of a game in the space of a few balls. A good fielder is considered to be a powerhouse. They are known for their athleticism and energy.

It turns out to be a treat to the eyes when a fielder dives full length to complete a catch, effect a run-out etc.

Having a good fielder boosts the morale of the bowlers as well as the whole team. They do a commendable effort of putting a check on runs by flashing in and stopping the cuts, drives etc.

Here, we make a list of top 10 fielders who have elevated fielding to a whole new level and have set benchmarks with their efforts on the field.

#10. Suresh Raina

Not only he was a reliable middle-order batsman, but an exceptional fielder too. With his compatriot MS Dhoni, he might have taken retirement the previous year but we are aware of his exploits on field.

Such was his importance to the team and his brilliance in the field that he would often would put the opposition on the backfoot with his acrobatics saves on the point region of the field.

All in all, apart from being the lynchpin of India’s middle order for the major part of his career, he has taken around 125 catches. Add to that some deft off breaks and you would get an asset.

#9. Glenn Maxwell

This bloke is much more than all the audacious switch hits, those ramps over the third man. Much before that he’s a reliable middle order batsman and an extraordinary fielder. Not to forget his ocassional off-breaks.

This Australian has dazzled in leagues across the world. In every league Maxwell is one of the most sought out players, much credit to his pyrotechnics on the field.

In the powerplays he fields mainly in the point region turning half chances to chances. Post the power play he fields in the outfield turning lofted shots into catches.

He’s carried the legacy of Australian fielding to this generation and has taken more than 70 catches in a short time for the Kangaroos.

#8. Martin Guptill

It must be said that from the team of gentlemen, he’s a complete beast on field. From being the highest scorer in WC2015 to giving Indians a reason to hate him, this persona is everywhere. How can anyone forget that run-out that sent around 1.4 billion Indians to tears.

Not just that run out, the catch of Steve Smith and several other highlights have established “Two-Toe” as arguably the best fielder in the world currently. You can’t really expect to catch a ball in the infield on a full faced pull shot to a bowled at around 145kmph. But, this is Guptill for you.

Apart from being a dashing opener and setting up several records he has taken around 201 catches and inflicted some Match-winning run-outs. No doubt, Rohit Sharma named him the best fielder in the world.

#7. Mohammad Kaif

Kapil Dev’s catch of Sir Viv Richards made India understand the cliche:”Catches win Matches”. However, seems that Mohammad Kaif took it too seriously.

Kaif and Yuvraj Singh made the world sit up and take notice that Indians were not novice in the art of fielding.

He wasn’t just a NatWest Trophy final winner, but a true match winner who possessed the spirit and dedication to excel in any formats of the game.

Unfortunately, his career didn’t progress as it was supposed to but in that few years he gave a glimpse of what Indian fielding was.

He was known for taking blinders at short-leg, point or literally at any position of the field. For every Indian, his fielding was sort of alienating. In his short career, he took 69 catches on the field.

#6. AB De Villiers

His name is AB De Villiers. Do we need to say more? Seriously, is there anything on field that “Mr. 360” can’t do. Those glorious drives, that extraordinary cuts and above all those features which earned him the aforementioned nickname.

But, apart from these there’s this man who, has given a glimpse to the world that he’s literally the best at everything, through his insane fielding.

Those boundary line catches, those dives have earned him the nickname “Superman”- and rightly so.

All in all, he has taken around 398 catches averaging more than 1 catch per match.

Every cricket fan, irrespective of the nation have been left in awe due to his abilities. Surely enough, he is one of the fewest cricketers without any haters.

He surprised fans with a shock retirement in 2018 but recently there have been rumours of his comeback. Even if there’s a slight chance of his comeback fans would definitely be totally enthusiastic about it. Such is the love the fans have for this genius of the game.

#5. Ravindra Jadeja

He bats, bowls,fields and shines with all three. Ravindra Jadeja earned the nickname “Sir” more as a mocking term rather than a token of respect.

The term 3D player is completely synonymous with this personality. No wonder Dhoni has backed him over the years.

The backing from such a personality despite poor performances have often been subject to criticism. But over the years Jadeja has proved himself to be a vital cog in the lineup.

It all started with his superb fielding. He saved more than 40 runs in the infield in the matches he played in the world Cup. Half of the matches he played was as a substitute fielder. Such is his impact as a fielder.

Who can forget those intrepid run-outs, those expert catches?  With this pyrotechnics he’s established himself as the real boss on the field.

Till date, Jadeja has taken more than 100 catches in international cricket. Put together his intriguing presence with the bat and bowl and we would get a giant of the game.

With age on his side, we might see Jadeja establish himself as one of the best players to have ever graced the field.

#4. Herschelle Gibbs

The first thing we might remember Herschelle Gibbs for is the catch he dropped off Steve Waugh which was one of the main reasons South Africa were knocked out of the tournament.But in contrast to that, Herschelle Gibbs has been undoubtedly South Africa’s greatest fielder ever and of the best in the business.

He’s been the most thrilling protea over the years. He was, without any doubt,controversy’s favourite child.

From taking marijuana to taking blinders from any position he’s been an absolute powerhouse on the field.

He’s been an absolute phenomenal whenever he’s played for South Africa. When paired with Jonty Rhodes, the duo led the charge against every time plucking blinders out of thin air.

His maverick attitude and aggressiveness went very well with his playing style. In international cricket he’s taken around 200 catches and inspired a whole generation of cricketers.

#3. Ricky Ponting

The most successful international captain in terms of wins was also a very exceptional fielder.

“Punter” as he was fondly called wasn’t just a master batsman with a wide repertoire of strokes but also an accomplished fielder.

Legends of the game have described him as a sensation, an aggressive head to go there with the safest pair of hands.

Ponting wasn’t just a match winner with bat but in the field as well. There are uncountable instances of Ponting winning Australia a match with his fielding efforts.

His insane fielding coupled with his Batting and captaincy took Australia to the pinnacle of world cricket.Punter leads the Australians in fielding charts as well taking 355 catches.

You might love him or hate him, but you can’t ignore him.

#2. Paul Collingwood

He might have not been the best captain of England but he certainly was one of the most dedicated cricketer ever.

He’s famous for leading England to a T20I World Cup win. Apart from his all-round skills, it was his fielding which made him one of the most dynamic cricketers of his era.

Acrobatic saves, superfluous run-outs, audacious dives would be highly on display when Collingwood would take the field. It was this feature of his which earned him around 204 catches.

With performances like these it was no surprise that he was England’s coach during their successful journey in the 2019 World Cup.

#1. Jonty Rhodes

Perhaps the easiest of decisions.

It is quite a surprise that the decision of the superlative of a particular department is the easiest of the lot. It shows the domination of that particular player in that particular field.

Undoubtedly the greatest fielder to play the game of cricket, Jonty Rhodes was a captain’s player.

He dived into the scene with one of the acts which is highly revered by almost all cricket fans. That run-out of Inzamam-ul-Haq made other teams realize the importance of having a gun fielder in a team.

Such was his importance to the team that he’s the only player to win a man of the match award just because of his fielding efforts. He’s inspired a whole generation and made fielding look quite easy.

With 139 catches in international cricket he might not top the fielding charts, but whenever we see an acrobatic save on field we are reminded of this Protea bloke who was a phenomena in his own.


So, did you like our list of Top 10 Best Fielders of All Time? Mail us to give your feedback.


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