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Ranking the Top 10 Best F1 Liveries in History

Best F1 Liveries

Liveries, or Formula 1 sponsorship liveries is the way of promoting the sponsorships that each Formula One team has in a given season. Liveries make a car stand out from the rest. Not only does the livery make the car look fantastic and stylish but also carries all sort of sponsorship in them in the form of advertisement.

There was a time when Formula One had national colours of different nations the team belonged as liveries. However, with FIA (The organization that controls motorsport) banning that and allowing unrestricted sponsorships to cope up with the increase in cost in the sport. From there on, different teams picked up different sponsorship and showcased them on their liveries.

In today’s world, the better the car looks, it’s because of the liveries and the more exciting a car looks, the better the chances to grab attention it gets. Here, we’re gonna look at some of the catchy and stunning liveries we’ve seen over the few years.

#10. 1988 Honda Marlboro McLaren MP4/4

Honda Marlboro McLaren MP4/4

Ayrton Senna in the Marlboro McLaren-Honda MP4/4 at the 1988 Belgian Grand Prix. (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

Right up in the 10th place we have, 1988 Honda Marlboro McLaren MP4/4. Driven by Formula One legend Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, the car had Engines from Japanese giants Honda. With red and white finish and Marlboro clad advertisement the car surely looked astonishing. Successor to MP4/3 the car was 1988’s Constructor’s Champion.

#9. 1972 John Player Special Lotus 72D

1972 John Player Special Lotus 72D

Lotus 72D, was the first of the iconic John Player Special cars and the model Emmerson Fittipaldi won the World Championship in 1972. (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

In the ninth place we have 1972 John Player Special Lotus 72D. The car belonged to British automotive giants Lotus and it surely was a head turner back in 1972s. Driven by 1972 World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi, the car had brilliant gold mixed with black finish and JPS logo on the livery to finish up a stunning looking car.

#8. 2019 Mercedes F1W10

2019 Mercedes F1W10

2019 Mercedes F1W10 (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Now in the eighth place we have 2019 Mercedes F1W10. The 2019’s car of the season was driven by current seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. The car won the Championship that year over Ferrari and Red Bull with over 236 points and won 15 races out of 21 races in 2019. The striking silver with black finish and Petronas advertisement made the livery stunning to look at.

#7. 1991 7up Jordan Ford 191

1991 7up Jordan Ford 191

1991 7up Jordan Ford 191 (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

In the seventh place we have 1991 7up wrapped Jordan 191. The car that was driven by then 22-year-old Michael Schumacher was a different car altogether. The drink giant 7up’s promotion clad in green coloured car from Eddie Jordan’s team 7up Jordan. Ford was the Engine manufacturers of the iconic 1991 7up Jordan and it will always remain as one of the pretty Formula One car we’ll ever see.

#6. 2006 Renault R26

2006 Renault R26

2006 Renault R26 (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Now in the sixth place we have 2006 Renault R26. Fernando Alonso won his second F1 title with this car back in 2006 and this was one hell of a car to look out for then. Driven by Giancarlo Fisichella and Alonso, the light blue and yellow Mild Seven clad car won the 2006 Championship over heavyweight Ferrari with 8 wins.

#5. 2004 Ferrari F2004

2004 Ferrari F2004

2004 Ferrari F2004 (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

At fifth place we have the legendary 2004 Ferrari F2004. The car is synonymous to Michael Schumacher and to the Formula One fans. The striking red of Ferrari with Vodafone and Marlboro clad by the body made the car so great to look at. The car won the championship that year and was the fiftieth car that Ferrari built for Formula One. Michael Schumacher won 13 of 18th race with this car back in 2004 while his teammate Rubens Barrichello added two further victories with this beauty.

#4. 2021 Aston Martin Cognizant AMR21

2021 Aston Martin Cognizant AMR21

2021 Aston Martin Cognizant AMR21 (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

Up ahead in fourth place we have Aston Martin Cognizant’s AMR21 for the 2021 season. Successor to Racing Point’s RP20, the new AMR21 seems to be the most evolved car ever. The striking green livery with Cognizant’s advertisement by the side surely makes it a head turner in the 2021 season. The car is driven by Lance Stroll and four times world champion Sebastian Vettel.

#3. 2015 Red Bull Renault RB11 Camouflage

2015 Red Bull Renault RB11 Camouflage

2015 Red Bull Renault RB11 Camouflage (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

At number three we have 2015 Red Bull RB11 Camouflage. Red Bull’s 2015 Formula One car emerged for the first time in a camouflage livery in Spain’s Jerez circuit for the testing. The Champions from 2010-2013 chose not to carry out any form of official launch or car unveiling for the Renault-powered RB11, instead headed straight out of the garage in the surprise colour scheme of black and white without any proper ceremony.

#2. 2021 Gulf McLaren MCL35M

2021 Gulf McLaren MCL35M

2021 Gulf McLaren MCL35M (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

At second place we have the latest 2021 McLaren MCL35M draped in light blue and orange special one-off livery in the iconic colours of their lubricant partners – Gulf Oil for the 2021 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. The 2021 McLaren MCL35M looks incredible in the new iconic colours of the Gulf branding and both drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo have absolutely loved the new livery. The McLaren speeding past the sea side looked astonishing in the streets of glamourous Monte Carlo.

#1. 2007 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-22

2007 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-22

2007 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes MP4-22 (Image Courtesy: Twitter)

And now we’re here for the number one spot. After thinking over and over again, we’ve come to conclusion that is is none other than the legendary and iconic silver and red Vodafone clad McLaren from 2007 season. The much coveted car was designed by famous engineer Paddy Lowe and the car was revealed in testing at Circuit de Valencia in Spain on 15 January 2007. This famous car was driven by seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton on his debut and two times world champion Fernando Alonso.

So, did you like our list of the Top 10 best F1 Liveries ever? Mail us to give us your feedback.


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