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Ranking the Top 10 Best Corners in F1

Best f1 Corners

Formula 1 is an incredibly fast sport. The fast cars taking down the tracks on every race days on ultra fast tracks, zigzag corners, the hairpins, all these factors make the sport incredibly interesting. One important factor that makes a race track dangerous as well as exciting is the corner. The corners of the tracks are well shaped, well put and with the advent of drones, helicopters and advanced camera angles and the even faster cars these corners become great visual to watch for the F1 fans and drivers.

In today’s list, we’ll talk about such 10 corners accross the F1 circuits all over the world and will know what makes them special. So, lights out and away we go.

#10. TURN 8 – Istanbul Park

Starting with number 10, we have Turn 8 from the track of Istanbul Park. The Istanbul Park hosts the annual Turkish Grand Prix in Formula 1 calendar and the turn 8 gets as interesting as it gets. This track held it’s first race back in 2005 and its redeeming feature is definitely the gravity defying Turn 8. It deserved more than that as a name quite frankly. It was a corner made up of 4 apex, and was taken almost flat out. It was a great corner to watch a Formula 1 car and with the advent of ultra smooth and fast cameras, the sight is a treat to watch.

#9. PARABOLICA – Autodromo Nazionale di Monza

Up in the line up at number 9, we have Parabolica in Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in Monza, Italy. This circuit is one of the most prominent and famous circuit around the world and the Italian Grand Prix is one of the most oldest F1 event in the F1 history. Inspite of being tamed recently with tarmac run off, Parabolica is still a very difficult corner in Formula 1. Drivers fly in, with barely a flick on the steering wheel, taking the car as far to the edge as they dare before blasting off down the main straight one after another.

#8. POUHON – Spa-Francorchamps

Next in the line in number 8, we have Pouhon from Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium. Being the primary venue for Belgian Grand Prix every year in F1 calendar, this Pouhon corner requires balls of steel, flying down the hill towards the double left hander. The drivers merely lift off the throttle before throwing their cars into this fast, flowing corner down the circuit. The fast cameras and drones give a track a treat to watch.

#7. PADDOCK HILL BEND – Brands Hatch Circuit

Up at number 7, we have Paddock Hill Bend from Brands Hatch Circuit in the United Kingdom. Sadly no longer on the Formula 1 calendar, Brands Hatch was (and still is) a brutally fast circuit. The circuit is now mostly used as motorcycle event and other international racing events but not F1 as it seems too dangerous to hold the race there. Moreover, the Silverstone Circuit gives out better facilities and infrastructure that Brands Hatch. In the circuit, the drop down through Paddock Hill Bend is more severe than the Senna S at Interlagos. It is such a tough corner that it’ll be very risky to let the ultra fast F1 cars run down the circuit.

#6. PISCINE – Circuit de Monaco

In at number 6, we have the Piscine from Circuit de Monaco. Located in the province of Monaco, this Monte Carlo circuit is deemed as a dangerous street circuit in F1. The Piscine is such a corner that demonstrates the speed and agility of a Formula 1 car to the near perfect. Only a slight lift these days as the drivers scream through this corner, flicking the car left then right before preparing to brake for the slower chicane that follows down the street. Many crashes took place in this turn due to the slightest of mistakes.

#5. S DO SENNA – Interlagos Circuit

Next in the line at number 5, we have S Do Senna corner from Autódromo José Carlos Pace, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Also known as Interlagos circuit, this S Do Senna corner gives the F1 driver chills. Named after the Brazilian F1 legend Ayrton Senna, Interlagos is one of the all time favourite circuits for F1 fans. This circuit never fails to throw up an interesting race. There is nothing quite like the first corner, with the drivers plunging down left before flicking right as they head into Curva do Sol. It is a tricky corner for the drivers to follow up.

#4. MAGGOTS AND BECKETTS – Silverstone Circuit

Next at number 4, we have Maggots and Becketts in Silverstone Circuit from the United Kingdom. Named after Maggot Moor and St. Thomas a Becketts, this fast paced corner is deemed dangerous once a driver loses control of his car. And if it’s this corner then there’s no doubt but a huge crash in the fray as the F1 drivers fly out of Copse into the fast Maggots and Becketts section of the famous Silverstone Circuit, the host of annual British Grand Prix.

#3. 130R – Suzuka Circuit

Up at the podium place, we have 130R turn in Suzuka Circuit from Japan. This circuit hosts the official Japanese Grand Prix every year and it has been reshaped to reduce the danger it once posed. Not the challenge it once was, but this 130R is still a breathtakingly good corner. Completely flat out, it is like threading the eye of the needle at 200mph as the drivers zoom past into the 130R at high speed.

#2. THE ESSES – Suzuka Circuit

In the runner’s up position we have The Esses corner in Suzuka Circuit from Japan again. As we already know that this circuit was reshaped to make it less dangerous because the F1 cars in the recent years have become way too fast. But as a matter of fact, F1 cars thrive at high speed. The Esses corner at Suzuka are where an F1 car comes alive. A series of fast corners, one after the other must feel amazing for a driver when he is in the car. This circuit is no more than dangerous, but very fun and exciting to drive if you’re an F1 driver.

#1. EAU ROUGE – Spa-Francorchamps

Finally in the pole position we have none other than Spa-Francorchamps from Belgium again. This is one of the most exciting Grand Prix event in the calendar of F1. Having had it’s first race in 1925, the Eau Rouge turn is very dangerous for the fast paced F1 cars. Eau Rouge, also called The Red Water, this corner is what F1 is all about, its fast, blind and dangerous. You get it wrong by the slightest of margin and you’re having a big accident no doubt. This corner has seen some huge crashes but also some brilliant moments over the years.

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