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Top 10 Best Cricket Commentators of All Time

Best Cricket Commentators All Time

Commentary has been an important feature of any sport since a long time. Commentating, irrespective of the sport has been an absolute art.

A commentator, with his astute voice and sense of humour gives the audience a visual display of any match even if they’re far away from it.

They give life to any sport handing out important bits of information during the course of the match and make it much more enjoyable.

The world of cricket has seen many great commentators. There have been commentators whose voices have been etched in the history of cricket.

They, in fact, have made a cricketing moment more enjoyable.

Cricket, definitely, has been blessed with many great commentators. Most of them have predominantly been an important figure for their respective national teams and then went on to establish their legacy while being a commentator.

Here, we have a look at some of the best commentators to have graced the game of cricket.

#10. Wasim Akram

Apart from being, perhaps, the greatest left arm fast bowler Wasim Akram dazzled the game of cricket with his commentating.

He did commentary on a variety of sporting tournaments including the 2009 Women’s Cricket World Cup in Australia, the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 in England, the 2009 ICC Champions Trophy in South Africa, and the 2011 ICC World Cup in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

#9. Simon Doull

Simon Doull, in recent times, has made quite much of a fandom with his gracious commentating. Die-hard cricket fans might remember him as a capable swing bowler from New Zealand.

However Doull’s abilities as a commentator have, to an extent, replaced his bowling abilities.

Moreover, with his recent stint in the IPL and several other international games, Doull has ensured that he’s one of the best persons to do this thrilling job.

#8. Dean Jones

That Dean Jones was one of the best batsman of his generation is widely known and accepted by everyone. Credited with revolutionising the modern game, Jones was no novice with a mic in his hand.

He has commentated in many matches over the years and is highly popular among the Indian fans for his stint in the Indian Premier League.

Eventually, he emerged as one of the prominent commentars in cricket.

This legendary cricketer passed away recently in 2020.

#7. Miachel Holding

Apart from being a fearsome fast bowler, Miachel Holding made much name as a commentator too.

As a commentator, he is widely respected commentator and critic who is known for his distinctive Jamaican views and acrebic accent.

The West Indian great, who, recently retired from commentary has been often been seen taking a stand for the Windies Cricket and is quite sheer with his criticisms.

#6. Tony Cozier

Tony Cozier has been an extremely important figure in the field of commentating.

He has been associated with the West Indies Cricket for over 50 years and has earned the title of both the voice and the conscience of West Indian cricket, the latter because of his harsh criticism of the West Indian board for “squandering the money and legacy that it had inherited”.

He if often admired because of the fact that during his commentating career he had covered every Wisden Trophy except one.

The late commentator has been described as someone who described commentating “succinctly and with an objectivity that is beyond many broadcasters. ”

#5. Ian Smith

“England have won the World Cup by the barest of all margins. Agony, agony for New Zealand”-

This statement of Ian Smith, like several other legendary statements might go down as one of the best made while commentating. The fact that it sums up the entire World Cup Final match in a nutshell gives testimonies of Smith’s commentating aura.

Prior to that Smith has also commentated in several other ICC Tournaments.

#4. Ian Bishop

“Carlos Braithwaite! Carlos Braithwaite! Remember the name!”

The above lines still give goosebumps to many cricket fans. The fact that it capped of perhaps one of the greatest t20 finals makes it more memorable.

Ian Bishop, as of now, tours the world as a commentator. He’s often seen being quite vocal about the wilting state of his West Indies, like many other of his former teammates.

#3. Ravi Shastri

The current head coach of Indian Cricket team was an equally able commentator till a few days back.

There have been many highlights of his commentary career, none bigger than MS Dhoni’s World Cup winning shot, which made Shastri to say these historic words:

“Dhoni finishes off in style. India wins the World Cup after 28 years. Party begins in Mumbai.”

Be it a boring situation or an exciting one, Ravi Shastri’s exhilarating voice has made evry game interesting.

#2. Harsha Bhogle

Being someone from a non cricketing background, Harsha Bhogle has established himself as the voice of Indian Cricket.

Over the years Harsha has cemented his reputation as being one of the most prolific personalities in the global cricket broadcasting industry.

From commenting in various ICC events to establishing himself as the lead commentator in the Indian Premier League, Harsha Bhogle has been a sheer class.

A canny presenter with fast reflexes, Harsha can troll anyone at any time. The Indian fans still remember him describing Sachin and Dhoni as:

” We have a surgeon at one end and a butcher at the other ”

#1. Tony Greig

Tony Greig, undoubtedly, has been the greatest commentator cricket has ever seen. His three decades of commentary have been absolutely the best the world’s ever seen.

Greig had made generations after generations fall in love with the game because of his eccentric commentary.

The fact there are dozens of moments which define Greig’s career in commentary is quite a statement about the effect he’s had as a commentator.


So, did you like our list of the Top 10 best Cricket Commentators of all time? Mail us to give us your feedback.


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