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Top 10 Best Baseball Hitters of All Time

Best Baseball Hitters of All Time

Pitchers are definitely the stars of a baseball game, but it’s the hitters who seize the attention. Over the last 152 years Major League Baseball has seen thousands of talented batters. Among them, hundreds of the players made it to history.

Hence, a debate regarding the best baseball hitters of all time has raged. However, it’s very difficult to choose the top 10 greatest hitters of all time. There are so many hitters with brilliant statistics, but we have to consider the ones with more dominating than others.

In this article, you will see a list of the top baseball hitters of MLB history. We have compiled the list based on their lifetime or single-season batting average, awards, the total number of hits and home runs, achievements, and records. Read on to know more.

#10. Honus Wagner

Honus Wagner

Baseball player, Honus Wagner, Pittsburgh Pirates, holding bat, standing near grandstand, West Side Grounds, Chicago, Illinois, 1903. From the Chicago Daily News collection. (Photo by Chicago History Museum/Getty Images)

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR: 130.8
  • HR: 101
  • AB: 10439
  • H: 3420
  • BA: .328

Hans Honus Wagner, also known as ‘The Flying Dutchman’, was a German-born baseball player. Many believe that Honus Wagner is one of the best hitters of all time. The baseball card of this particular baseball hitter sold at an auction for more than $3 million, which is the most expensive baseball card of all time.

If you are thinking about his popularity and greatness, remember that this German heritage hitter was awarded hall of fame as one of the top five members. With the second-highest number of votes, The Flying Dutchman tied with Babe Ruth and secured his position behind Ty Cobb.

He gave his best performance under Pittsburg Pirates in 1908, where he achieved a BA of .354 with 10 HR and 109 RBI.

While he won the National League Championship 8th time, Honus Wagner is among the few baseball hitters who were selected for the position of RBI leader 5 times. Despite the fact T206 Honus Wagner card is the most expensive baseball card in the world, Wagner surprisingly revoked The American Tobacco Company’s permission to feature his cards with a pack of cigarettes.

#9. Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds

Miami Marlins batting coach Barry Bonds walks in the dugout before the Marlins played against the Milwaukee Brewers at Marlins Park on May 9, 2016 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Joe Skipper/Getty Images)

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR: 162.8
  • HR: 762
  • AB: 9847
  • H: 2935
  • BA: .298

If you are aware of the Major League Baseball histories, you may know a period called as ‘Steroid Era’ and Barry Bond is one of the few best MLB hitters who is known for using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PED). However, the son of former baseball star Bobby Bonds, Barry Bonds still has many overwhelming achievements and personal records.

With a stunning 6’1” height, Barry Bond played for the Pittsburg Pirates for almost seven years while maintaining his position as a left fielder. Then he was invited by San Francisco Giants in 1993 where he played for 15 years. If you think this is an amusing achievement, then you should know this former baseball player won Gold Glove Award 8 times. Barry Bonds is the only baseball hitter in the world to win the MVP award consecutively 4 times as well as the only player to win the award 7 times in total. Further, this left-handed batter performed in MLB leagues from 1986 to 2007, with a .298 batting average and 762 home runs.

#8. Hank Aaron

Hank Aaron Standing in Stadium

Hank Aaron Standing in Stadium

Overall Career Statistics: 

  • War: 143.1
  • HR: 755
  • AB: 12364
  • H: 3771
  • BA: .305

Hank Louis Aaron, also known as ‘Hammer’ or ‘Hammerin’ Hank’ is a former MLB player who is one of the best right-handed hitters of all time. However, it’s a shocking fact that Hank Aaron lived most of his life unappreciated and unnoticed by the baseball world.

Hank Aaron shattered the career records by the end of his career (755) and considered as one of the best MLB power hitters of all time, the Hammerin’ Hank won the MVP award in 1957. He is the only hitter in the world to hit 30 home runs in a total of 50 seasons, making him the only player with the most hits in baseball.

Hank Aaron Performed in the MLB league from 1954 to 1976!

#7. Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson

Overall Career Statistics: 

  • WAR: 107.2
  • HR: 586
  • AB: 10006
  • H: 2493
  • BA: .294

Frank Robinson, a former professional baseball player, played as an outfielder and also the first black manager in Major League Baseball History. He was the only player to receive the MVP award for both the American League (AL) and National League (NL).

As a great outfielder, Robinson won the rookie of the year award in 1956. He also performed in the National League (NL) with an aggressive attitude, which literally placed him in the list of the bestAdditionally,  Robinson played six seasons with Baltimore Orioles and 10 years for the Reds. 

Robinson is the only player in MLB history with the maximum number of MVPs in both the AL and NL league. He also scored 586 home runs, which ranks 8th in the all-time home run record list. His career lasted from 1956 to 1976.

#6. Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle

Portrait of American baseball player Mickey Mantle (1931 – 1995), of the New York Yankees, as he poses a pair of crossed baseball bats in the team’s clubhouse, New York, New York, mid 1963. (Photo by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images)

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR:110.2
  • HR: 536
  • AB: 8102
  • H: 2415
  • BA: .298

Mickey Charles Mantle, also known as The Mick or The Commercial Comet was a center fielder baseball player. He was famous for his switching batting technique and probably one of the best switch-hitters of all time. Throughout his career Mickey Mantle played for New York Yankees only.

Replacing Joe DiMaggio, Mantle’s MLB career started at the age of 19 in New York Yankees. The seven-time World Series Champion also scored 536 home-runs by the end of his career, along with a Triple Crown and three-time MLB league MVP.

However, this 16-time All-Star winner could not experience a happy life due to his alcoholic addiction. His MLB career lasted from 1951 to 1968.

#5. Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn

Tony Gwynn #19 of the San Diego Padres poses for the camera. (Photo by Focus On Sport/Getty Images)

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR: 69.2
  • HR: 135
  • AB: 9288
  • H: 3141
  • BA: .338

Anthony Keith Gwynn Sr., also nicknamed as ‘Mr. Padre’, was a professional left-handed batter who appeared in 20 Major Baseball League Seasons in his career. He received his nickname due to his lifetime dedication to the San Diego Padres.

The left-handed Gwynn won 8 National League batting titles. He is considered as one of the best MLB hitters ever played on the pitch. With a batting average of .338, Tony Gwynn always maintained his statistics above .309 in each season.

The 15-time All-star winner, Gwynn was also awarded 5 Gold Glove Awards alongside 7 Silver Slugger awards. He was among the rare players in the world who debuted and finished their entire career with only a single team. However, he only performed in 2 World Series. Gwynn started his career in 1982 and his last appearance was in 2001.

#4. Stan Musial

Stan Musial

Stan Musial of the St. Louis Cardinal’s holds up the bat with which he poled the 300th home run of his career.

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR: 128.3
  • HR: 475
  • AB: 10972
  • H: 3630
  • BA:.331

Stanislaw Franciszek Musial, also famous as ‘Stan the Man’, was a professional baseball outfielder as well as first baseman. Stan Musial played 22 MLB seasons for the St. Louis Cardinals. Additionally, Musial was the first player to induct into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1969.

The 3 time World Series rings winner also won three MVP Awards alongside 24 All-Stars. With a lifetime batting average of .334, he ranks 4th in the list of most hits of all time (3630). He also has a record to hit 3 home runs in his old-time period (41 years).

The 7th time batting champion Stan Musial also received 3 times Most Valuable Player in National League (NL). This Cardinal General Manager (1967) retired from his baseball career in 1963.

#3. Jimmie Foxx

Jimmie Foxx

James E. (Jimmie) Foxx of the Philadelphia Athletics swinging a bat in 1935. (Photo by Sporting News and Rogers Photo Archive via Getty Images)

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR: 93.9
  • HR: 534
  • AB: 8134
  • H: 2646
  • BA: .325

Jimmie Emory Foxx, also famous by his nickname ‘Double X’ and ‘The Beast’ was a professional baseball player who played 20 MLB seasons for the Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Athletics, Chicago Cubs, and Philadelphia Phillies. 

Foxx started his career at the age of 17. He first played for the Philadelphia Athletics where he stayed for 11 years before moved to Boston Red Sox. This right batter was second to score 500 home runs. His record of 30 home runs in 12 seasons was unbeatable until 2004.

Alongside a batting average of .325 and 534 home runs, he won two World Series Championships as well as a Triple Crown Title and nine All-stars.

Foxx started playing for Philadelphia Athletics in 1925 and retired after playing for Philadelphia Phillies in 1945.

#2. Roger Hornsby

Roger Hornsby

Rogers Hornsby, star second baseman of the St. Louis Cardinals and batting king of the National League.

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR: 127.1
  • HR: 301
  • AB: 8173
  • H: 2930
  • BA: .358

Coming second in our list is none other than Rogers Hornsby Sr., who was nicknamed ‘The Rajah’ due to his achievements and records. Generally, he is considered one of the best right-handed hitters of all time.

Hornsby was the first baseball player to win seven National League Batting titles, where six of them are consecutive.

Among the other best MLB hitters, Hornsby had a batting average of .424 in 1924, which is still the highest single-season batting average in the baseball world. If we consider his MLB statistics, then his lifetime batting average never went below .358, which is a record-breaking performance. This is why Hornsby ranks second in the list of baseball hitters. He scored 301 home runs until he retired from the baseball industry.

Roger Hornsby last appeared for St. Louis Cardinals in 1937.

#1. Ty Cobb

Ty Cobb

Baseball Player Ty Cobb

Overall Career Statistics:

  • WAR: 151.0
  • HR: 117
  • AB: 11440
  • H: 4189
  • BA: .366

Here is that particular player you have been looking at all the time. The greatest hitter of all time crown goes to Tyrus Raymond Cobb nicknamed the famous ‘The Georgia Peach’.

With the record of highest batting average in baseball history (.366), he is the best hitter ever (4,191) seen by Major Baseball League.

The 12 batting titles record fox created is still unmatched. He also has the record for most triples, hits and runs scored. After debuting in his first season, Cobb never had a batting average below .213 for consequentially 23 seasons. Without a doubt, Ty Cobb is one of the best hitters of all time.

Until 1955; Cobb was the only youngest player to ever win the batting title. Alongside the most voting in baseball Hall of Fame, he was also the youngest player to score 3,000 hits. In 1909, The Georgia Peach won the Triple Crown Title and still the only player to score 35 hitting streaks.

He took retirement from Major League Baseball in 1928.

Now that you know the best baseball hitters of all time, don’t forget that there are few big hitters present in the modern generation. So, try to cheer them up as well because you are the greatest motivators of the baseball players.


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