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Awful, this is the victim of Gennady Golovkin’s Death Blows

Awful, this is the victim of Gennady Golovkin's Death Blows


Gennadiy Golovkin. This name is known as one of the most feared boxers in the Middle-class boxing universe. The boxer’s label with a scary punch was not excessive.

Three British boxers fell victim to the savage punch of Golovkin, four broken bones. Matthew Macklin’s two ribs, Martin Murray’s nose cracked after being hit by Golovkin. The most severe injury suffered by Kell Brook on his eyelids was hit by the blow of a man whose basic strength was described as something unimaginable from a horror movie.

The Golovkin victims also spoke of the brutal force of their beatings. Nothing is smart, unlike Vasiliy Lomachenko’s opponents who describe his elegance and genius. The contrast with Golovkin is very striking – he just hits harder than the others and leaves a trail of destruction as proof.

Sergiy Derevyanchenko, Golovkin’s newest opponent, today, will be the next victim. If not careful, Derevyanchenko could become a victim of the ferocity of Golovkin. Golovkin dueled with Derevyanchenko to fight for the vacant IBF Middle-Class championship belt at Madison Square Garden, New York. The United States of America.


Awful, this is the victim of Gennady Golovkin's Death Blows


”His death blow to my body? Something came out of my stomach and needed physiotherapy to recover, “recalls Murray who was able to survive 11 rounds against Golovkin in 2015.” My nose? I broke my nose in the fight but didn’t bend outside. He bent my nose inside, ” he said.

The severity of Golovkin’s punch was still felt by Murray who was knocked out. The shape of the nose is not normal anymore. “I still feel it now. My nose has never been the same in three and a half years since I fought him, so when I retire, I need surgery – he has to pay for it,” he explained.

Murray is not the only one who has bad luck after fighting Golovkin. Brook’s orbital bone was crushed in a five-round defeat in 2016. In the ensuing fight, her punch made a tear in the eye area of ​​Errol Spence Jr.

“This is a common injury like the one you experienced during a car crash because your face touched the dashboard and cracked the bones in the front of your face,” Brook coach Dominic Ingle said of Brook’s wound after Golovkin was hit.


Awful, this is the victim of Gennady Golovkin's Death Blows


“When he arrived at the hospital, I thought the doctor said that there was another blow to it and it could have been, not fatal, but it could make you lose sight of your eyes,” he continued.

The fate of Macklin who suffered a broken rib after losing in round three in 2013 was very painful. What hurts the most? “Get up in the morning, and go back to sleep, and cough!”

“He has a reputation like Mike Tyson,” Murray said. “We have the mentality that we have to go through the worst day of our lives to get the best day,” he explained.

Brook needed a towel to throw in the fifth round after Golovkin’s punch damaged his eyebrows. “He’s weird, the way he throws a punch,” Brook said at the time. “It hits when you don’t expect it. But he is so strong and strong, you know you are being hit.”


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