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Atlanta Hawks reportedly “listening to offers” on John Collins

The Atlanta Hawks failed to reach an agreement with John Collins in the offseason. Collins reportedly denied a contract extension offer from the Hawks. Ever since the news of denial has reached the fans, the rumor mill has started running. It is also said that Trae Young and Collins had a spat while both were trying to get to the offense.

All these events have fanned the flame of desirable trade on the cards. Atlanta Hawks management has kept quiet till now about any potential deals. However, according to internet sources, the Atlanta Hawks are now willing to listen to offers for the power forward.

John Collins’ performances:

John Collins is a regular starter for the Hawk and has contributed to each of their triumphs this season. Collins is predominantly a defensive player, but he has averaged 18.1 points per game this season, which is considerably more than his career stats of 16.4 points per game. His value is not lost upon the management or Lloyd Pierce.

Throughout this season Collins has paired well with Trae Young on the court. They both have been picking up passes effortlessly and scoring at will. A player of his ability will have a lot of value on the market. Atlanta offered him a 90 million dollar contract at the end of last season, but John Collins rejected it.

John Collins

John Collins has averaged 18.4 points per game this season

According to Sam Amick of The Athletic, “Despite the fact that he didn’t come to terms on an extension in the brief offseason, and that so many rival executives believe his NBA future will eventually be elsewhere as a result, there’s a complicating element that is coming into play: He’s a pivotal part of their team right now. And considering the widely-known reality that the playoffs are a massive priority for owner Tony Ressler & Co., that makes the prospect of trading Collins quite tricky.”

Is a trade really on the cards here?

Irrespective of what the rumor mill churns out, there is still one and a half months before the trade deadline. Atlanta Hawks is a team that shoots for the playoffs every season, and this year is no different. Letting go of a player who averages 18.5 points per game and contributes defensively is going to be tough.

However, the Hawks already have a veteran power forward Danilo Gallinari, who is really in need of some game time. Gallinari over the years has proved himself to be a starter and should Collins be traded, would definitely have a place in the starting five.

The Atlanta Hawks are currently tenth on the Eastern Conference standings and have a two-game losing streak. They are currently out of the playoff spots and will try to qualify for the first time since 2017. So, as far as the rumors air, the Hawks are looking to offload some players. There might be some truth in them.


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